Hollywood Free Slots

There’s no denying the fact that we all love movies. Nothing beats the feeling of kicking back for the weekend and watching one of the latest releases that feature your favourite actor while the cares of the world pass you by.

But thanks to technology, online casinos and software providers have now teamed up to bring you slot games that let you be part of the films taking some of the action from popular movies and inviting you to be a part of it. Try any one of them as you watch the real film and see how related they are!


If you haven’t heard of Bridesmaids™ – the good old chick flick – then you are definitely out of this planet. Bridesmaids™ is a romantic comedy that made its way to the screens and caused a big stir. The original movie is excellent with its wit, coarseness, and evil behaviour – proving just how good women can be doing what men can also do. But is this game as bad as the movie?

The Symbols

Some might argue that this game’s success is excellent because Microgaming developed it. Still, in reality, it’s because of how Microgaming centred the game on all the famous characters. You won’t fail to see Annie and her handbag on your screen, but this time she only appears as a symbol. Microgaming also decided to use the bride and all her bridesmaids as the high paying symbols, which can even appear as stacked symbols to boost your winnings.

The Bonuses

That aside, the slot also features a plentiful of bonus rounds. The Wheel Bonus round requires you to spin the wheel to earn one of the 15 prizes – 1 progressive jackpot, four additional bonuses, and ten cash prizes.

Other bonuses include the following:

  • The Cupcake Booster – You’ll have to select a cupcake to receive four different prizes, which could be a 2×, 3×, or 300× multiplier on your bet.
  • The Flying High Free Spins Bonus – You’ll receive ten extra spins that also come with a stacked symbol. These ten free spins can easily be re-triggered up to 20 free spins and reward you a massive 1,750× payout. Imagine if you placed a €10 bet?
  • Boutique Bonus Round – Match the bridesmaids, and you’ll be rewarded with cash. But matching the Lillian pair is the epitome of this game because it rewards you with a 66× multiplier on your stake.
  • Magic Moments Bonus – I loved the Magic Moments vodka, but this one gives you a different taste because it’s all about choosing a magic moment to receive up to 350× multiplier on your stake.

Terminator 2™

At the end of Terminator 2™, Arnold Schwarzenegger promised us that he would be back. He came back and won the Cali Governorship role in 2003, but with Microgaming’s help, his promise was fulfilled. Terminator 2™ video slot is a Microgaming game based on the popular hit action movie Terminator 2 that revolutionized science fiction movies.

Symbols Drawn Straight from the Main Movie

Just as with Bridesmaids™, Microgaming decided to use the film’s main characters as the high paying symbols. Sarah Connor, John Connor, T-100, T-800 and The Terminator all carry very high payouts. However, the game’s wild symbol is the T2 Logo, while the energy orb is the scatter.

Unique Feature in Terminator 2™

There are so many things to like about Terminator 2™ but what tops the list is the 243 unique ways of winning, which can quickly increase to 1,024 courses during the free spins bonus round. The feature called the T-800 Vision is triggered randomly during the base game. What happens during this game is that you’ll assume the T-800 body and start scanning for cash on the reels. As usual, Terminator 2™ can be played on both mobile and PC platforms with as little as €0.03. The maximum prize if you manage to win is €80,000.

Jurassic Park™

Coming last on our list is Jurassic Park™, a game that’s also been developed by Microgaming. Jurassic Park™ is a classic dinosaur flick movie directed by Steven Spielberg, and it features the prominent actor – Jeff Goldblum. If you still haven’t watched it, then you are living under a huge rock, and you need to do something about it. Back to the game, Jurassic Park™ was released in late 1993, but Microgaming did their thing by revamping it and bringing back the nostalgia by developing a 243-way slot. Jurassic Park™ slot springs to life with Parallax scrolling effects- a feature that sets it apart from the other games. You won’t fail to notice that its backdrop is also a densely detailed jungle accompanied by other exotic film locations.

Lively Dinosaurs Symbols

The characters from the Jurassic Park™ movie are the most valuable symbols, while some of the outstanding scenes from the film play out once you complete winning combinations. There are also low paying symbols, including the dinosaurs, while the Fossil symbol is the scatter and Jurassic Park symbol assuming a stacked wild.

Special Features in Jurassic Park™

We liked the T-Rex Alert mode feature that’s available in the base game. What’s unique about this game mode is that you can get up to a maximum of 35 wild symbols with six free spins. For the newbies, 35 Wilds × six free spins = Massive Wins! We did manage to get a massive €300 payout from a €20 bet, but I was playing in free mode.