Christmas Slots

christmas slots

Christmas as we have come to appreciate it is always a time to hang with friends and family, live merrily and have lots of fun. In fact, for many of us, Christmas is our favourite time of the year. It’s no wonder why there exists so many holiday themed online slots to keep reminding you of a time of the year that’s all about, having fun, celebrations and presents.

If the December holidays are your favourite times of the year, today we are going to focus on you by highlighting the games that you’ll enjoy spinning the most. Are you ready to feel the Christmas spirit? Dive in!

Why Are Christmas Themed Slots Special?

Unlike many other themed online slots, these types of games carry a religious and sentimental value to many online gamblers. The games serve to cheer you up with very some colourful symbols and features served for the sole purpose of reminding you to have a good time with every spin. And to enhance the joyfulness vibe, the bonuses of these type of online slots are usually quite handsome to give you the true feeling of this super exciting occasion! In short, you won’t have to wait until December to feel uplifted, that wonderful sensation is just a spin away!

Symbols to Expect

The symbols for most of the Christmas themed online slots are usually the same but, there might be a slight difference when it comes to each slot individually.  The most common icons in this type of reels include Santas, the Christmas trees, elves with their special powers, reindeers which carry Santa together with the gifts. You are also most likely going to come across traditional dishes for the occasion turkey and many other delicacies. Additionally, you can also find items like mistletoe, jingle bells, a snowman and even a sack of some sweet candies.

In-Game Features

This theme contains some distinct features that make it more special and endearing compare to other popular themes. Some of the main characteristics that make it this type of slots light up your eyes from the first look include:

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The soundtrack of most of the slots under this game is mainly composed of the Christmas carols that are usually famous around that time. You will never hear these tunes at any other time except when the holidays have edged close enough. All these songs create a happy feeling to make you enjoy every bit of the game as you play your way to Santa’s rewards.

In this theme, bright colours are usually dominant as the aim of the developers of this theme is to make it feel like Christmas. The main colours that are used in this theme include red, white and green. The scenery is typically very bright, and once you play these games, you get the good nostalgic memories of your best holiday moments. Who doesn’t want to rekindle such heart-melting moments?

Software Providers

There’s no doubt that this type of theme is among the most popular in slot machines. Well, who doesn’t like Christmas? Therefore, many developers have made attempts to capture the truest essence of this theme, but very few have succeeded. The software providers that have created the best games to induce the Xmas mood include;

  • Microgaming is well known for its cutting-edge online slots across all thematic concepts, leave alone Christmas. When it comes to  Xmas- themed slots it also does not let you down. You can immerse yourself in titles such as Santa’s Wild ride and Secret Santa if you want to enjoy the jolly mood all year round.
  • Playtech. Playtech, which also a big name in cyberspace gaming is not left behind when it comes to Christmas-themed online slots. To spark up some of that merry energy, take a spin-off with it the like of Santa Surprise and Ghosts of Christmas.
  • Net Entertainment. NetEnt, as it is referred to by online gaming pundits, has done a great job in bringing out Noel celebrations. It most famous holiday-themed online slot is Secrets of Christmas and just to offer you some variety take a few quick rounds of the Fruit Shop Christmas Edition if you want to dash through the snow!

 Christmas Slots Jackpots

As is the norm with this exuberant season, part of the celebration comes with receiving of some splendid gifts. Some of the heavy hitters that present you unforgettable Christmastime opportunities are such as;

  • Jingle Bells.Right from the name, this game surely resonates well with Xmas lovers. It is a Microgaming favourite whose jackpot is coveted by many. Your best chance to take this online slot jackpot is to involve yourself in the free spins because they are the ones that ultimately lead you to the maximum reward
  • Secrets of Christmas. As a product of Net Entertainment expects nothing but fun and high spirits in this non-progressive jackpot slot that contains five reels and 25 pay lines. Thanks to it’s a unique scatter symbol of a sack full of toys; it is an excellent choice to keep you entertained not only during Xmas time but also throughout the year. Merrily spin your way through the reels, and you stand a chance of getting the jackpot of up to 350000 coins. Won’t that be a worthy early Christmas present?
  • Ghosts of Christmas. This online slot is powered by Playtech, and it offers you a chance to walk away with a 10,000-coin jackpot. Based on Charles Dickens’ novel “a Christmas carol” it is a five reel and 20 pay line game with plenty of winning chances. To hit the jackpot, get five scrooge symbols after placing maximum stakes per line on your initial wager.

The Christmas themed online slots that have gained the most popularity are the same titles that come with the jackpot rewards as well. We’ve already covered some of them, for instance, Ghosts of Christmas from Playtech and Secrets of Christmas from Net Entertainment as well as Jingle Bells from Microgaming. However, this review wouldn’t be complete if we failed to mention one more breathtaking title which is discussed below.

Secret Santa

Secret Santa is an online video slot developed by the Microgaming coming with a 5-reel game that comes with over 1,000 winning ways.  So, from your first spin, it is relatively easier to earn a payout. It comes packed with lots of extra features thanks to wilds, scatters and several multiplier rewards.  As you play spin up a set of at least three matching symbols on adjacent reels and you will pocket some winnings right away. For those looking for a juicy bonus for Christmas, up to 82, 500 credits are up for grabs!

Parting Shot

As you can see from the above breakdown, you don’t have to wait until December to start raking in some mellow rewards. Bring the festive jolliness early in the year by trying out any of the titles that we’ve highlighted here. To find out the best sites to enjoy these and many other attractive slot machine games, go through our latest casino reviews, and you will find plenty of choices that fit your tastes! Ho! Ho! Ho!