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pirates slots

Even before the rise of online gambling, pirate themed slots machine games were already a great hit. If you don’t think so, ask yourself what were the One-Armed Bandit machines were all about? In essence, all the storylines on these types of games are grounded on a pirate set up, around the water. So, if you are a huge fan of watching pirate themed films, a lot of the symbols will be items that you can relate to.  After you are done reading today’s post, feel free to share it with your likeminded gaming pals via social media or email.

Why Are Pirate Themed Slots Popular?

Who doesn’t like the thrill of a treasure hunting adventure? Well as many of you slot fans like to put it, there’s always that part of us that listens to the little boy or little girl within. Such nostalgic feelings drive us to do what we had dreamed of during our childhood. One of those wild dreams that many of us have is the dream of being a pirate and going to hunt for some hidden treasures.

Through pirate themed reels, many of us get to satisfy that urge. This has resulted in many of them gaining vast popularity as casino software developers are always there to fulfil our wildest dreams through these games.

Symbols Offered

When it comes to the symbols of most pirate themed online slots, many of them share very common symbols. Well, depending on the software provider of a particular game and the particular set up of the game, there might be a slight variance of these symbols, but most of them are similar across the board. The main icons that you will encounter include the treasure chest and a compass.  Gold coins are also quite a popular pick as well as barrels, shovels used for digging up the treasure and even a hook, ships, and a hand wheel

In Game Features

Some of the features that you should expect in this category of slot machine hits are as discussed below:


Usually, the graphics of these online pirate themed slots are nothing but impressive. Most are put in place so that a dark atmosphere engulfs the whole game. This tends to add to the scary and mysterious theme to fully capture all your attention. The pirate icons are designed to look unkempt, untidy with a touch of danger and fearlessness. Maritime bandits are meant to be scary after all, right?

Moreover, some of the most exciting titles of this kind borrow a few characters from your favourite movie characters. The Pirates of The Caribbean, Sinbad and The Black Corsair are arguably some of the most famous movies with this bandit themed. This fact largely explains why some pirate-themed online slots have borrowed a leaf from them and installed their main characters Jack Sparrow, Sinbad or Emilio Roccanera.


When it comes to the soundtracks of most of these titles, you will find that they follow a mix of Caribbean tones and Hollywood action-adventure soundtracks to capture the motif of the game. It goes hand in hand with the happenings in these reels which are mostly decorated with scary bandits, flags or sometimes loads of bounty from treasure hunts and raids. As a result, metal music is preferred in this set up as it creates a feeling of anticipation, fear and thrill when things get intense.


Owing to the fame of this theme, many software providers have come up with various interesting titles. Since providers that have ventured into this specific them are a lot, we will mention the top three only. They are;

  1. Net Entertainment.Net Entertainment is a relatively known name when it comes to the world of software providers. It, therefore, does not disappoint with the kind of immersive interface that you’ll find in their best hit. Try a few rounds of Ghost Pirate and Pirates Gold slot machines, and you’ll be amazed.
  2. Microgaming.With hotshot machines like Pirate’s Paradise and Loose Cannon, it is a clear sign that Microgaming made an effort to get you into the world of maritime banditry. Booty Time is also another remarkable online slot with a fascinating treasure theme from this developer
  3. Amaya.While this software provider may not be as popular as Net entertainment and Micro gaming, Amaya offers you a couple of cool pirates themed slots that have plenty of bounty and treasure up for grabs. They include Pirate Plunder, Gold Ahoy, Pirate Treasures and Buccaneer’s Bounty slot just to mention a few.

Treasure Hunting Slots with Jackpots

Even though many slot machine games come with the pirates and treasure hunting theme, not all of them come with jackpots. If you would like to take a hit at the treasure bounty jackpots, here are some titles you should try out;

  • Hook’s Heroes. A 5 reel and 20 pay line online slot by Net Entertainment, with a jackpot of 900 coins awaiting you at the end of the line as long as you land on the right combination.
  • Fortune 5.Fortune 5 is a fixed payline online video slot that offers you the chance of a progressive jackpot. The key to unlocking this jackpot is via the free spins feature which is achievable if you keep spinning. Bear in mind that the free spins feature should be triggered twice to stand a chance at the progressive jackpot available.
  • Treasure Island. This online slot was established in the year 2009 by Quickspin, and it contains five reels with four rows accompanied by graphics that are quite lively to help you enjoy the game fully. Skeleton pirates are a dominant feature in this game, and there is three bonus scatter symbols that will land you extra rewards. It boasts of impressive offers where you stand a chance to win up to a 500-coin jackpot.

Favorite Treasure Themed Slots

As we have already established, there is a huge number of online slots with the pirate themes, but only a few of them stand out enough to attract massive user-fellowship. Some of the top-rated titles of this type are;

  • Pirate’s Treasure. This 21 paylines online slot brought to you by Payson offers you the chance to enjoy the sea life. Pirates and treasures dominate this online slot, for instance, the scatter symbol used in this game is a treasure chest that is the key to you winning various prizes and bonuses in the game.
  • Ghost pirates. Brought to you by Net Entertainment, this 5-reel online slot is famous for the fact that it provides you with the chance of winning in so many different ways. You have as much as 243 ways to win, and the treasure chest which is the scatter is the key to the biggest wins.
  • Pirates Paradise. Offered by Micro gaming, this 3-reel online slot has a lot to offer. Whether you are an experienced gamer or not, you are sure to enjoy the explosive soundtrack, and impressive graphics are what make it stand out. Again, the treasure chest here is also the scatter symbol, and it is this symbol that will earn you all your rewards.

Parting Shot

For sure, if you enjoy the thrill of hunting for treasure and the life of sea bandits, there are lots of slot machine games that you can easily enjoy. We have taken our time to bring you the best of the best so that you don’t have to go through the trial and error process before finding what you like. If you think that there’s any particularly bountiful title that we’ve failed to mention in this review, we’ll be happy to hear from you right here in the comments. Get your sails on and Bon Voyage!