Welcome the tournament winners!

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June 10, 2024

We are super exited to announce the winners of our tournament!
We appreciate everyone for participation and are glad to welcome eleven winners of our contest. All of them receive Amazon Vouchers up to $150.

Please welcome:

1st place: rin*******24130@gmail.com
2nd place: iva*****isov@zoho.com
3rd place: 86s*****oli@gmail.com
4th place: rob*****iller71@outlook.com
5th place: mik*****lor87@gmail.com
6th place: sar*****hnson123@yahoo.com
7th place: ann*****nova@mail.com
8th place: sar*****hnson@yahoo.com
9th place: nat*****sokolova@aol.com
10th place: olg*****itina@protonmail.com
11th place: lin*****nes_2000@protonmail.com

Please check your email as we have already contacted the winners for clarifying details!

Thank you for joining and get ready for new and upcoming tournaments!