How to Beat Wagering Requirements in Online Casinos

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November 23, 2020

How To Beat Wagering Requirements In Online Casinos

Online casino players love casino bonuses, but not so much wagering requirements. While playing in certain online casinos, it can be difficult to meet the casino’s requirement and withdraw the received bonus-cash. Nevertheless, there are tricks on how to beat the casino and the requirements fast. Mostly, it’s about the games you bet on and the wagering requirement issue, which is talked about in this article.

What Does Wager Mean?

It is easy to define wagering as a simple casino bet or, in other words, it is the amount of money you choose to deposit or bet on an online game. If one bets 20$, for example, that means that 20$ has been wagered. You wager on all casino games, be it slot machines, card games, roulette, or bingo.

What Is Wagering Requirement in Online Casinos?

The wagering requirement applies to online casino bonuses, and it shows how many times a player needs to play over bonus money to make a withdrawal. The wagering requirement is basically a challenge set for players by online casinos. It makes sure that the player bets enough money before being eligible to make a withdrawal. Most online casinos include welcoming bonuses, such as matching bonuses, that reward a certain percent of the player’s deposit value. The more money a player deposits, the more money the online casino rewards. Even though it is free cash, it cannot be withdrawn until the player has met the casino’s requirements. That is why it is important to be careful when choosing which online casino to bet on. It all depends on the value of the playthrough requirements and other rules attached to casino bonuses.

Sometimes, the casino bonus can look appealing, but the reward received from it might not pay off considering its terms and conditions. Casino bonus serves as a great marketing tool while wagering requirements exist, so it pays off for an online casino to reward the bonuses in the first place.

How to Wager?

Now that we have the meaning of wagering requirements explained, it is time to learn how to wager while betting in online casinos. One has to complete certain steps before wagering any money:

  1. Sign up at the official online casino site;
  2. Make a deposit;
  3. Claim casino bonus;
  4. Choose the game to play.

To deposit and to wager are two different things. The deposit refers to the amount of cash transferred to the online casino’s bank. Online casino wagering is when you bet the money from your account on the chosen game.

So, to wager, one must bet on the game. The wagering requirement depends on the game you choose to bet on. Nevertheless, all the games include a simple interface where a player notices its current balance. If the balance is greater than the wagered sum, one can then make a successful bet. Once the balance is empty, a player can no longer wager any cash and is required to make another deposit.

In some cases, players can skip the “make a deposit” part and claim the casino bonus right away. This is only possible while signing up at no deposit online casinos. However, these no deposit bonuses also come with wagering requirements that have to be met to make a bonus cash withdrawal. It is also required to deposit cash right after you’ve played the bonus cash from the no deposit offer in the online casino games.

Online Casino Wagering Requirements Examples

Each online casino includes its own wagering requirement value. This value ranges from a minimum of 5x to a maximum of 50x. One comes across 20x, 30x, 35x, 40x, and 50x requirements most often. You should aim for the lowest value but rarely does an online casino include below 25x wagering.

How Do Wagering Requirements Work?

Online casinos operate on complex programs that track each player’s progress. This means that every player walks its own path to meeting wagering requirements, and the progress is tracked by the online casino. The more money you wager, the closer you get to making a bonus cash withdrawal. However, not all your bets contribute equally to the wagering goal. This is specific for every casino. The online casino determines which game contributes the most and which the least. In most cases, slots have a greater advantage over roulette and poker games. This is reasonable considering the casino’s profit as slots have the highest house edge percent among online casino games. It basically means that the player might lose more money but meet wagering requirements faster while wagering via slot machines.

How to Calculate Wagering Requirements?

For example, the deposit is 10$, the matching casino bonus is 200%, and the casino’s requirement is 35x. The player receives a bonus worth 20$ and now disposes of with 30$ casino cash. To keep what you win and withdraw the received 20$, you would have to wager (20 x 35=700) 700$ on casino games.

The lowest wagering requirement to be found in online casinos is x5, while the highest goes to 50x and beyond. As mentioned earlier, the games you bet on is a huge factor that decides how fast a player will meet the casino’s terms. Slot machines are generally the best pick since each wager counts 100% towards WR. This is not the case when it comes to wagering on poker and roulette games. Ultimately, the online casino decides the game’s wagering contribution. So, before signing up for a casino, make sure to check terms and conditions that include all the necessary wagering requirement information.

The player can also receive, besides matching bonuses, a free-spins bonus that can be used while playing specified slot pokies. Even though the player receives no cash, wagering requirements apply to the cash won through free spins. This is even trickier than meeting the matching bonus WR since the player is unable to calculate the wagering requirement from the beginning. Its value depends on how much cash the player wins, and that is a random result.

How to Beat Online Casino Wagering Requirements?

There is no trick that you can use to avoid wagering requirements. Every reputable online casino adheres to certain terms and conditions that are attached to the bonus reward. However, the best ways to deal with wagering requirements are:

  1. Find a casino with a low WR value
  2. Play slow-paced games
  3. Try to score the win at almost every bet

Is there a secret on how to beat wagering requirements? The main strategy is to mathematically surpass online casino wagering requirements by choosing a casino with low WR and playing slow-paced games with a high WR contribution. Even following these steps often results in the casino being ahead of the player since the player has to play through the bonus cash as many times stated. For a player to turn the usual scenario around, it is necessary to score the win at almost every bet, which is theoretically but not quite practically possible. Slot machines include the highest house edge percent. House edge refers to a percent of the player’s wagered sum that is kept by the house – online casino.

Of course, there is always an option to forfeit the casino’s bonus reward. It is not recommended, however. The online casino bonus can be quite useful to boost the player right from the moment of signing up.

Best Slot for Wagering

Now, after the definition of wagering is clear to you, here are a few tips to choose the best slot machines for wagering. While meeting the requirements, you want to wager on a slow-paced game. This means that you should choose low and medium volatility slots over the high-volatility ones.

The science behind this tip is easy. While betting on low-variance slots, you get to play the game longer and therefore meet the WR faster. High-variance slots often result in emptying the balance quickly, and you want to avoid that. Another factor is the slot’s RTP value. It is best to focus on online slots within the average RTP range (about 96%). Low RTP means that the lower sum will return to your pockets, and high-RTP slots are usually not listed as WR contributors in the casino’s terms and conditions. To save you the trouble, here are some of the variants of low-variance and low-medium variance slots.

The Best Low-variance Slots for Wagering

  • Fu Fortune Megaways
  • Immortal Romance Remastered
  • Secret of the Stones Max
  • Roo Riches
  • Finn’s Golden Tavern
  • Temple of Nudges
  • Dead or Alive 2
  • Golden Grimoire

Low-medium Variance Slots

  • Dr. Lovemore with 97% RTP
  • Thunderstruck 2 with 97% RTP
  • Tomb Raider with 95.2% RTP
  • Chinese New Year with 96% RTP
  • Gemix with 97% RTP

Does Online Casino Without Wagering Requirements Exist?

The right answer is – no, it doesn’t exist. It is believed that ‘no wagering’ online casinos are the next big thing in the gambling industry. For now, casinos haven’t accomplished that since wagering requirements are so valuable for their business and profit. The current business model revolves around attracting as many players as possible with appealing casino bonuses and then profiting via wagering requirements. It makes gamblers bet on specific games and makes sure that the player has wagered enough before making a cash-withdrawal. Otherwise, people would only sign up and claim the bonus cash while having no responsibility towards it. The answer to making the no wagering casino system work is out there somewhere, but no one has yet figured out how to successfully implement it in the gambling industry. Therefore, the only way of beating bonuses is to look closely at the offer’s rules and plan carefully. It seems like basic advice, but it works.


To claim online casino bonus money, one has to meet the casino’s wagering requirements. It is important to check the WR value and which casino games you should play to meet these requirements fast. Easy to wager games are online pokies since table and live games contribute less towards the WR goal. Sticking to low-variance and average-ranged RTP slots will get you there the fastest. There is no way to avoid these requirements, but the player is free to forfeit the bonus cash at any moment.