Slot Machine Money Management

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November 20, 2020

Slot machines can trick players into thinking that more money is won than lost. That is the reason why a majority of slot pokies players leave the casino with no money. Even the money that is won during the session is often lost quickly due to the creative psychological trickery set by the gambling industry. There are various tips for keeping your emotions checked when engaging in slot machines and ultimately keep your winnings with no unnecessary money leaks. These tips can be divided into four categories:

  1. Preparation for gambling activity
  2. How to behave while playing
  3. Relationships with the casino
  4. How to finish playing correctly

Following these groups, 10 tips are laid out in this article.

Slot Machine Money Management Tips

The tips below will help you to keep your head cool while playing in the casino, whether it an online or land-based one. These small habits are part of the answer on how to win playing slots machines.

Slot Machine Advice No. 1 – Know Your Gambling Budget

Managing your gambling budget is no different than handling house expenses. The only difference is that gambling is an optional thing, while it is mandatory to cover your bills. So, the best way to avoid money-related gambling problems is to write down your expenses and then see if there is extra room for a slot machine session. If it doesn’t influence your quality of life, and you enjoy doing it, feel free to engage in gambling. Otherwise, it is just another stress factor, and it is not worth it. If you dispose of a gambling bankroll, based on the country’s gambling regulations that you bet in, you should keep track of your winnings since this profit is taxable.

Slot Machine Tips Know Your Gambling Budget


Slot Machine Advice No. 2 – Do Not Borrow Money to Gamble

This tip goes in hand with the first one. If you have no gambling budget, it is best to accept the fact and wait for a better occasion, rather than taking a loan. Gambling is great for entertainment but can also present a financial risk factor if not approached carefully.

Of course, there is a rare situation where you borrow some money, enter a game, and win money at a casino right away. However, a situation like that can hook a person to bad gambling behaviours, such as playing with borrowed or essential money. Casino workers will gladly take your credit card and loan you some cash as long as the limit is not reached. Either way, there is never a good reason to take a betting loan. If you notice yourself doing the exact thing, it is recommended to contact a facility that deals with gambling addiction or visit a certain website at Responsible Gambling.

Slot Machine Tips Do Not Borrow Money To Gamble

Slot Machine Advice No. 3 – Do Not Bring ATM Cards With You

This tip is more suitable for land-based casinos than for home slot machines gambling, but it is still a crucial one.

ATM cards are great, but not so much when the gambling thrill makes you go over your bankroll. You can just swipe your ATM card at the casino to continue betting if you are left with no physical money. If the decided bankroll amount is on the card, and you had no time to cash out from an ATM, then yes, go ahead and swipe it. Otherwise, it might make you go a little further with your expenses when you find yourself in the middle of the casino heat, so it is best to just leave it at home.

Slot Machine Tips Do Not Bring ATM Cards With You

Slot Machine Advice No. 4 – Know Statistics

Depending on the state that you are betting in, the gaming returns statistics might or might not be available. This tip is a crucial money strategy for playing slots. It tells about how much did the online pokies that you want to play or a casino that you want to bet at payout over the past year or month. Of course, you always want to choose a casino where you can earn more. So, before betting, do your homework to get better results; that’s the easiest way to win.

Slot Machine Tips Look At Statistics

Slot Machine Advice No. 5 – Divide Your Slot Money Into Session Bankrolls

This is a great behavioural practice that will help you afterward sticking to your bankroll. If you play multiple sessions in one casino visit, you should plan how much money you want to spend on each. When you know your limit, you know when you should stop the session and start one over. This way, you keep the money from a session without the risk of additional losses. You keep the money from one while knowing that you have enough to play another round.

Slot Machine Tips Divide Your Money

Slot Machine Advice No. 6 – Choose Money Management Strategies for Playing Slots

You might not always have enough time to work out your money management strategies. For example, you are visiting an unknown casino without doing the gaming returns research first, but you want to entertain yourself with gambling, or you are entering a casino unplanned while not knowing your budget. In the first case, you would want to remember not to use the ATM card, and in the other, it might be best to skip betting if you have doubts about your current budget. Nevertheless, picking the right strategy depends on the specific situation.

Slot Machine Tips Choose Your Money Management Strategy

Slot Machine Advice No. 7 – End Slots Money Losses With Loss Limits

There are two ways to accomplish this. You can either put in a certain amount of money into a machine or deposit over your bankroll and then stop playing when the limit is reached. Both of these strategies do not work if you have no self-limitations, but they can be quite useful when practiced enough. Either way, you must test and track how much money you lose on your own since slots are played with credits. For example, on a penny machine, 20$ equals 2,000 credits.

Slot Machine Tips Set Your Loss Limits

Slot Machine Advice No. 8 – Preserve Your Profit

How you preserve your profits will depend on how well did the session went. Of course, even if the session went well, it is up to you to decide which way you want to use your profit. You might want to keep what you win or continue betting. However, based on the player’s experience, it is advised to stick to the following principles:

  • If you double your bankroll – take the money and leave the casino.
  • If you win equal to your bankroll – keep the profit and feel free to continue betting while sticking to your original bankroll.
  • If you win half of your bankroll – put 50% away and keep betting, sticking to the bankroll.
  • If you win less than half of your bankroll – this means that the machine you are playing is a potentially winning one. It is up to you to decide whether to continue playing until you hit the loss limit or stop.

Slot Machine Tips Preserve Your Profit

Slot Machine Advice No. 9 – Control Emotions While Gambling

Keeping your emotions at check is always a good thing. Sometimes you feel angry, and sometimes you feel excited. These feelings are impossible to control, but the thing that you can control is your reaction. However, there is no “fixed” state of emotion that you should be in when betting. The best advice is to be yourself. Many say that once they have become passionate about playing, they started winning big. So, try and be more passionate when playing and stick to your instincts.


Slot Machine Tips Control Your Emotions While Gambling

Slot Machine Advice No. 10 – Create Your Accountability Team

This team doesn’t have to be a professional one. It can be your friends and family, for example. This is a good method to keep yourself in check because there is another person aside from you that tracks your behaviour from a different perspective. No one is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes. That is why it is good to have such a person, and if you already do not have one, try to find it.

Slot Machine Tips Create Your Support Team

How Much Can You Win on a Slot Machine?

Based on the slot game that you play and how much money you bet, you can know the potential winning sum. To calculate this, you have to know how to make money at the casino slot machines. The profit is specific for each game, and it depends on the slot’s paytable and the bet amount. To check the paytable information, press an according button in the slot’s interface. You can also view the capped winning amount of each slot game by visiting certain slot-related websites.

Do Casinos Keep Track of Your Winnings?

Casinos do keep track of your winnings, but only when we talk about the online slots money. When you gamble at a land-based casino, you don’t get the statistics right away, and only you can do that. However, every casino provides a complete winning analysis that includes records of all the players. That is why it is so much easier to stick to your bankroll while betting via online casinos.


Sticking to the bankroll limits when playing slot machines can be quite difficult. It takes practice and dedication to achieve this, and it is accomplished by implementing certain money management strategies every time you visit a casino. The most important thing to have in mind is – have fun but always be responsible and moderate.