Finding the best online casino to play in the United Kingdom is not a hard job: desktop & mobile offers casinos that accept PayPal deposits and any other payment methods. However, when it comes to reputable & legit sources with high payout rating, they are only few of them and it is not easy to find them. You need to evaluate the variety of games, inspect security levels, investigate deposit and withdrawal methods, review bonus offers and whether they accept your country or not.

You can spend hours on the Internet for this research or decide to use your time more efficiently and visit - it`s up to you! This is the main purpose of our website: as an best online casino, we are here to help you to choose the best online casino and ensure that you play only in the most reliable places. We checked them all: all the casinos you will find here are meticulously inspected by our professional team and only those that pass certain quality levels have been added to the site.

Rating of Best Online Casinos in the UK

The UK TOP of the best online casinos are our specialty: we have a strict scoring system that we use for each source - for example by criteria «online casinos that accept PayPal deposits», and we give a separate score for each part of that system. We look for everything: game collection, bonus offers, RTP levels, Live and Mobile casino options, safety, and security systems. The interface of the website and deposit & withdrawal methods are among the other things we use for our reviews.

Our test team, after becoming a member of the casino, first evaluates the bonus offers: are they easy to activate and give a real advantage? Later, the games are reviewed and the quality of customer service is assessed. We deposit and withdraw money to check the payment methods and the duration. Finally, the casino`s security level and the certifications are thoroughly examined. Only the places that pass all these tests are published on our site.

Online casino reviews from UK are the main topic we focus on. However, you can find information about other countries, too. We also list the restricted countries for each place and show you the alternatives.

How Big Is the Game Selection?

The size of the game collection is important for us, because a large collection means diversity. Each casino we review here offers hundreds of games for its members: slot machines, card games, table games, and even exotic games. So, whatever kind of player you are, we make sure that you can find a game that will appeal to you. We check for game play too and make sure that the games you play are fun enough: because, after all, this is not a business and you should also enjoy it.

In addition to the number of games, we also review game suppliers. As a general rule, the better the supplier, the better the games are. Since the supplier also provides security infrastructure, it is also important in this regard and is subject to a separate evaluation. At any rate, we ensure that the casino offers you the best and highest quality games.

Bonus Offers & Bonus Codes

To provide the best online casino reviews, you need to evaluate the bonus offers with all the details. We do exactly this: evaluate all the bonuses, compare them with similar offers, and see if they really give you an edge. Nowadays, bonus offers are an important part of all casinos` promotional work. In fact, almost every place offers you «free money» just for registering an account.

But just like every advertising work, you need to test their authenticity: are bonus offers really as advertised? Is the acquisition difficult? Are there additional terms in the «small letters» section? Are these offers unique to new members or can all members benefit? We thoroughly evaluate all these issues and make sure that you only get the best offers. We also look for exclusive bonus codes and share them with our visitors. Welcome bonus, match bonus, deposit bonus, cashback bonus – you name it, we already reviewed it.

How well does the Mobile App perform for each Casino?

Nowadays, computers are not the only devices to play games, mobile phones and tablet PCs can be used for this purpose too. However, for this to happen, both the casino and the games must have mobile support. Games must be developed with HTML5 technology to offer this support. Casinos should also be able to offer a mobile version of their website and a mobile app, if possible.

Some casinos have a separate mobile app, while others only offer a mobile website version. We pay attention to this separation and prioritize the mobile app owners. This is because a pleasurable mobile gaming experience requires extra attention. Which platforms does the mobile app support? Can you play games only, or can you access your account information and make deposits and withdrawals within the app? The answers to these questions are important for our online casino reviews and each issue gets a separate score.

Best RTP Values & Fastest Payouts Percentage

RTP stands for «Return to Player» and probably the most important part of any online review. This is a percentage value and shows how much of the money you invested will return back in the long run. For example, an RTP of 98% means that the game has 98 winning combinations out of 100 possible combinations.

Contrary to popular belief, this does not apply only to slot machines: all games have an RTP percentage. In general, you should prefer games with an RTP value higher than 95%. Because in these games your winning odds are higher and it is possible to limit your losses.

We check this value too: after reviewing each casino`s audit reports, we make sure that the overall reimbursement value is always over 95%. Here is a pro tip: card games always have the best RTP values, especially blackjack.

Clear Website and Modern Software

Even the best online casino in the world do not deserve any attention if they do not have a clean and useful interface. This issue, known as UI / UX in the professional jargon, is of great importance to us. We do not want you to spend minutes to play games, change your account settings and reach customer service.

A website should be simple, plain and useful: we emphasize practicality rather than a show-off. In tests we do for this purpose, we take into account even the loading time of the pages. We review not only desktop versions of websites, but also mobile versions in terms of usability. We look at whether you can easily navigate around the site whatever your level of experience is.

This is also true for the software the website uses: we check whether modern and current distribution platforms are being used or not. Distribution platforms, from the loading speed of games to mobile platform support, are decisive in many respects. For this reason, we always make sure that a casino is using modern software.

Live Game Selection

Live gaming feature is offered by many casinos today. However, the number of places that can offer this feature right is quite small: just using a webcam does not mean you have a Live Casino. Live game sessions must be held without any delay, players must be able to talk to the dealer and many camera angles must be provided: we ensure that all these features are present.

Since the betting limits are higher, it is very important that live game sessions are done correctly. Is it possible to save sessions on your computer? Can you connect to customer service without leaving the game? How is the variety of live games? We ask all these questions for you and find the answers. If a casino offers special bonuses for live game sessions, we will also review them and inform you. Live gaming can be a lot of fun when done correctly. We provide you the right places to do it.

Safety and Security

When it comes to safety and security, we look for 3 things in our casino reviews: certification, audit, and connection security. Certification is given by numerous companies, but only a few of them are reputable enough.The UK Gaming Commission, Gibraltar, and Isle of Men certificates are examples of this. We do not only check the certificate, but also the company behind it. As for audits, all casinos must get audited by third-party organizations on a constant basis.

These audits make sure that all games in a casino offer a certain percentage of payback value and the RNG (random number generator) is working properly. Only this way you can have a safe, fair and enjoyable gaming experience. We check for eCogra and iTechLabs seals: these are the most reputable agencies. The connection security is another important matter: all connections must be encrypted by 256-bit SSL and the casino must not store your credit card information. We are players too, and we know the importance of safety and security.

Available Payment Options and Fees

Which payment methods does the casino accept? Are deposit and withdrawal methods the same or different? How long does your withdrawal request take? Is a commission cut off during payment or withdrawal? We are aware that these questions are important, so we ask them personally to the casino: we even make real transactions.

Most casinos do not explicitly state their withdrawal times: you will have to look at the Terms of Use or try it out. We do these checks for you, and try each method one by one to see how long it takes to withdraw money. If we encounter a problem during this time, we share it with you. We also determine the deposit and withdrawal limits and include in our review. Unlike other sites, we examine all these issues by trying them out: we have a budget for this job and we actually make a deposit and a real withdrawal request when we make a profit.

What Customer Support Is Available?

The quality of customer service is a matter of importance to us. The ways to reach customer service, the level of knowledge and helpfulness of the employee, and whether the problems are resolved quickly or not – we check them all and share our experiences. It is a good feeling to know that you can get help from knowledgeable and interested persons in case of a problem, and we believe that this is mandatory for a quality gaming experience.

Can customer service be accessed by e-mail only? Are there alternative methods, for example, a phone number? All of these things are evaluated within our investigations. More importantly, when a dispute arises, we tell you how to deal with it and specify the places you can apply. We believe that the quality of customer service is at least as important as other issues – sometimes even more important. For this reason, this issue holds an important place in our reviews.

Bonus Points for Extra Features

These are not the only things that casinos can offer you. We inform you about unusual promotion practices and extra features – for example, weekly and monthly bonuses. In addition to that, we check for real-world activities and organizations: most casinos organize this type of events that many players are not aware of.

In this respect, we check for VIP clubs and loyalty systems too. Being a member of these clubs has many privileges, such as personal account managers, higher betting limits and faster withdrawals. What do you need to do to become a member of these clubs? Can you redeem loyalty points into real money? We provide answers to these questions in detail and maximize your benefits of being a member.

Operators Licensed by the UK Gambling Commission

Certification organizations, as we have mentioned above, differ according to their dignity. You can get a certificate from an African country or off-shore destination too, which is practically useless and doesn’t guarantee a thing. In this context, the UK Gaming Commission license is considered the most valuable certification in the world. For this reason, we prioritize casinos with this certificate.

This is due to the fact that the Commission has very strict rules before and after issuing a license. Before issuing a certificate, the UK Gaming Commission makes sure that the casino owner has sufficient financial resources and is a trustworthy person. Later, it continues the investigation on this issues on a regular basis. For this reason, the Gaming Commission certification is only available at the most reliable casinos. To give some examples, 888Casino, Inter Casino, Party Casino, and 32 Red Casino are proud owners of this license.

How to Recognize a Licensed Operator

All online casinos have to show their licenses on their websites - whether it is a slots casino or another type doesn’t matter. This license usually placed at the bottom of every page. Information about this topic can also be found on the «About Us» page. In this regard, the most commonly used abbreviations are:

  • Gaming Commission: The license granted by the same named organization in the UK. It is considered to be the most reliable certificate in the world.
  • MGA: It is an abbreviation of Malta license. It is a reputable and reliable certificate.
  • Gibraltar: Gibraltar Electronic Gaming Commission license.

These places are the most respected agencies that give the most reputable certificates. You can rely on places that have any of these licenses. In our reviews, we are also paying attention to the same issue.

Best Casino Reviews

Whether you are looking for a bonus casino or a slot casino, you`ll find it through our reviews on our site. Our impartial, professional and meticulous reviews will guide you and provide you with the most reliable places to play games. Keep in mind that we also provide free versions of most games you can find in these casinos: you can practice as much as you like and at no cost. But when the time comes to play with real money, our insights will make it easy to find the casino you`re looking for, and you`ll have an enjoyable and profitable experience.