Monopoly Slot

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Play online Monopoly slots with free coins and no download & registration required in our tips article about strategies for PC and app. You have surely heard of the same board game before, and you will equally like this slot based version. The graphics and the artwork are totally alike to the original design. This slot is developed by PartyGaming (aka

The gameplay is pretty simplified, even total novices won’t have a hard time figuring it out. There is a free demo version for everyone who doesn’t want to rush into investing real money. Also, there are several versions of the franchise, and this one has the most pay lines. Also you can play such interesting game like the Triple Diamond Slots (TDS)

How to Win at Monopoly Slots with Free Coins?

Try to play free Monopoly slot machine game according to your strategy and get a big win in this classic slot play. Like in most similar games, the main goal is to spin the wheel and hope for the best. By scoring three or more symbols of the same sign, various surprises will unfold.

The game itself consists of 5 reels and 20 pay lines. As for it, there are eleven in total (some are high valued, some aren’t). Scatter symbols are absent, but their absence is compensated with bonus rounds, several wild, a progressive winning system and the maximum payout is an astounding amount of 250.000 coins. The values of the combinations are presented in the table below:

Name Of the Symbol 3 4 5
q & j & 10 10 20 100
a & k 20 60 200
dog 40 120 300
cat 60 160 400
sports car 80 200 500
cruise ship 120 300 1000
pannybags 160 600 2000
wild 160 600 2000

Chances to Win

To play free Monopoly slots you should know about free coins with no download and registration both for PC and app versions. Our tips say that it is a bit specific because it has a fixed amount of pay lines (20), which means you can’t influence the odds of your winnings at all. But, that isn’t necessarily bad. You might actually want to stick with this one. Other versions of having fewer pay lines, hence the chances are even lower.

Bonuses and Winning Combinations

The free Monopoly slots will bring additional free coins – don’t download and register there, just start to play it with well-known symbols we’ll describe now. The purple Wild sign is the classical performance of this one. It replaces every symbol (except bonus one) during regular gameplay.

Progressive, Epic Spins, Persisting Wild, Progressive gain raises up to five times the multiplier levels with each free spin with coins. Epic Spin adds to each spin win a multiplier of x5. With Epic Spin and some cleverness, you can get high amounts pretty quickly. Persisting Wild keeps it out during spins.

Big Bet Game. In this special peculiarity, there is a button in the top-right part of the display named “Play Big Bet”. When pressed, it offers following possibilities:

  • “Play the 20.0 Game” (costs 20), and “Play the 30.0 Game” (costs 30).
    The former launches a progressive score sign involving multiplier benefits with 5 automatic spins, and each win raises the multiplier levels up to five times.
  • The latter property gives 5 spins likewise, but, it is a prerequisite to spin a bonus reel in order to proceed.
  • Big Event. At least 3 symbols of the same kind trigger the feature, and they appear only on reels 1, 3, 5. With 4 symbols of the same kind, a “house sneak” bonus attribute follows the Big Event.
  • 5 same named signs turn “house sneak” into “hotel sneak”. House sneak unveils the chance card positions of 3 houses, while hotel sneak unveils the chance card positions of 3 hotels. “Chests” containing free spins and coins likewise appear during it.

Beside the above mentioned, Locked Wilds and Dancing Wilds appear during the feature. When you’ll lay the Monopoly slot machine, you’ll understand that he first of above-mentioned lock in place during the bonus, while Dancing Wilds transforms a random reel into wild – do not download and register – just start playing it for free. The “In Jail” badges remove the lowest paying symbol that is currently in play.

Minimal and Maximal Bets

Since the number of pay lines is fixed, that means you can only change the coin value per one, thus, the minimal bet is 0.20 (20 pay lines times 0.01) and maximal is 500 (20 pay lines times 25.00 coins). But, be careful not to lose all coins in 2 spins – in demo mode, you only have 1.000 coins available.

Myths & Facts

Myth: Times of the day influence the outcome.
Fact: False. Casinos can’t reprogram the win/lose mechanics that easily, everything is already set as it is. Any time of the day, of the week, or year – it doesn’t matter, your odds of winning remain the same.

Myth: The time past since the last jackpot was hit can influence later outcomes.
Fact: False. Slot machine’s software has a random number generator which has no past recordings and is totally determined by a factor of randomness.

Any cheating attempts will be predicted and suspended. Cheating in any way is strongly prohibited and we plead you to stick to set up rules. Play fair and be honest.


To play online Monopoly slots use our tips – do not download or register there – just use the app or PC introduction of it. will bring you a lot of fun, but you need to be mindful of how you spend your money. Spread it evenly, and keep a cool head – you don’t want to be a subject of your irrational emotional ideas of going all in. For a start, you can begin with the demo version.

Monopoly Game Details

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