Quick Hit Slot Machine

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Quick Hit Slots with no download – is an online app popular casino games, it originates from Scientific Gaming – which is one of the oldest institutions in the online casino industry. The game itself belongs to the genre of the fruit slots. Also you can play such interesting game like Thunderhorn. It is designed with a simple ruleset, it is played pretty fast and most importantly – it gives huge amounts of payouts. Unfortunately, the graphics aren’t on an admirable level, but it’s not a big deal because everyone loves it for the money. This game actually belongs to a widespread brand that involves entertainments like QH Stars and Bars, QH Las Vegas, and maybe the most successful – Playboy Platinum QH.

How to Win at Quick Hit Free Slots?

In free Quick Hit, there are 3 slots per reel in each slot machine game (you shouldn’t download it), with 5 reels in summary, and a fixed pay line count of 30 – which is not a bad idea because that means big winnings. The only changeable variable is the coin value which ranges from 0.01 to 15.00. If you play with the maximum coin (15.00) per spin, the general bet equals to 450 coins. There are 10 symbols in play, all of which are high valued. They are presented in the following table (4 – 5.000):

Name/number of symbols One Two Three Four Five
Wild / / 400 2.000 5.000
777 / / 200 1.000 2.000
77 / / 100 400 1.000
7 / / 50 200 400
5-BAR / / 20 100 300
77777 / / 20 100 200
1-BAR / / 10 50 100
Cherry / / 10 20 50
Balls / / 10 20 50
5-BAR / / 4 10 50

Chances to Win

Every player should be well aware that every game is pre-programmed and that his actions barely have real influence, if at all. With that in mind, we can get to the statistics. The approximate hit frequencies of winning combinations are:
Bars and Stars – 64.85%
Black and White 7s – 50.19%
Triple Blazing Sevens Jackpot – slightly above 50%
Black Gold Wild – around 40%

Bonuses and Winning Combinations

As you know, Quick Hit slot machines accessible online imply no download and no registration and are absolutely free, so the bonuses conduct 3 special symbols are in play – Wild Jackpot, Platinum and QH. Unfortunately, there are no bonus rounds at all.

  • Wild Jackpot. WJ sign comes with a high payout cost, and it serves as a substitute for every other in-game sign except the special ones.
  • QH Platinum. One of the most important one. It pays to a multiplier level and it’s pretty high:
Number of symbols Total stake value
3 x2
4 x25
5 x5.000

QH. Just like the above-mentioned Platinum sign, this one, too, gives multiplier levels, plus it is even better:

Number of platiunum symbols Total stake value
9 x2000
7 x100
6 x50
5 x10
4 x5
3 x1

On top of that, it can appear while the free spins feature is in play – the Platinum cannot.

Beside those 3 special types, there is also a scatter presented as the “Bonus Games” sign. If they appear at the same time on reels 2, 3 and 4 of the first pay line, the player gets awarded with the “Free Games Bonus Feature”. Before commencing, you need to choose 3 out of 20 boxes, and depending on the choice, following awards are granted:

Number of free games Multipliers
20 x3
15 x2
11 x2
10 x2
7 x2
5 x2

Minimal and Maximal Bets

Since Quick Hit slot machine belongs to free casino game with no download, its online version has a fixed quantity of pay lines (30) the minimum bet is $0.30 ($0.01 x 30), and the maximum is $450 ($15 x 30).
But, what does that mean?
It means that you can choose for pay lines collectively how much money are you willing to invest, spanning from $0.01 to $15 per line.

Myths & Facts

Myth: Slot machines tend to go through a cycle of payoffs. After coming to an end after certain spins, it reboots itself and starts from the beginning with the identical cycle order.
Fact: All spins are independent of previous spins and are based on a factor or total randomness.

Myth: Administrators tend to “loosen the grip” during slow hours, while “squeezing it up” during peak hours.
Fact: Untrue. Casinos want their visitors to leave with a smile, and satisfied. Otherwise, they would lose them, meaning – the profit decreases too. Certainly, there are several ways to try to cheat the system, but we plead players not to. Those attempts will be short-breathed. Avoid unnecessary inconveniences and keep it honest and fair.


Slot games are the hell of a fun, but don’t get carried away too much, you might end up losing lots of money. Always keep a clear head and strategize how to spread your money evenly, and avoid putting all your cash at once. So do not be afraid to play the free Quick Hit slots online as this casino game offers to use machines online in the app.

Quick Hit Game Details

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Bonus Game:

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