Jackpot in the UK Casinos 🎖️

To become a jackpot slots winner you should play high volatility slots and make the high bets. Here we present free progressive slots no download in conjunction with the real money online casinos that offer no deposit bonuses and free spins. Find out how to play and win the progressive slots, what are the biggest wins, how often do they hit and how are they paying out. UK fruit machines are waiting for you now! Fixed or progressive they will contribute you the ability to win with no download and registration in instant play mode. From $1 to $100 jackpot slot games that are absolutely mobile for your iPhone, iPad, or any other portative device.

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Types of Jackpot Online Slots

A jackpot is, simply put, a prize. Jackpots are probably the oldest feature in casino games. Even the first slot machine ever manufactured contained an impressive jackpot prize. They are not specific to slot games either. Almost all casino games offer this feature to their players in some ways. However, there are two types of jackpots in slot games:

Fixed Jackpot
Is also names Cash Pot Jackpot. This is a fixed amount and can be won by landing a specific combination of symbols on reels. For example, landing five wild symbols on a payline in most slot games will award you with the jackpot amount. Or, you need to complete a unique bonus game to be able to win the jackpot. Values are usually low — mostly up to 5.000 coins in fixed jackpots.
Progressive Jackpots
The “crème-de-la-crème” of jackpots. The jackpot value increases a short time with each game until a player wins the jackpot value. In some games, multiple pools are linked together and form one large progressive jackpot. For example, “Marvel Jackpot” consists of all Marvel slot games linked together. This type of progressive jackpots reaches exceptional values quickly because multiple players are contributing to the pool. To win the accumulated amount, you still need to land specific symbols on reels in a specific combination.
Slots with Multiple Jackpots
The name speaks for itself. These jackpot prizes can be won in bonus games or incidentally each time you play the slot. Multiple jackpots in such games are usually can be named Mini (the lowest jackpot prize available), Minor, Grand, Mega, Super Mega (probably the biggest one), etc.
Network Jackpots
These jackpots are the largest jackpot awards. All the bets players made in different casinos are pooled for the major jackpot prize which is quite impressive.
Casino Local Jackpots
Types of jackpots that comprise of the bets players make on a certain casino site. This jackpot can be won only by gamblers who hold membership in such a casino.

Playing Jackpot Slots Online in the UK 🇬🇧

According to the statistics, UK gamblers are quite risky and venturous that is why they usually choose games with a progressive jackpot. Since players from the UK has a very rigorous attitude to gambling, they play only in trusted and licensed online casinos. That is the reason in the United Kingdom, a casino or game aggregator can only operate after securing a license from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Here are some of the most popular slots that you can play from the UK: Starburst, Mega Moolah, Age of Gods, Immortal Romance.

How Progressive Jackpot Slots Work

Jackpot SlotsA slot machine that has a progressive jackpot is one that accumulates money for the grand prize. It is called progressive because the amount is not fixed. The way it works is simple: the machine takes a percentage of your bet and adds it to the pool or pot. Every time a player spins and fails to land the jackpot combination, the machine increases the pot money.

When playing progressive jackpot slots tiny part of every players’ bet contributes to the overall jackpot pool. Meanwhile, it is a common case that gamblers are more attracted by the slots with the progressive jackpots which has not been claimed often previously or has not been won at all for some time. If the jackpot was won a long time ago it means it has more chances to burst right now. Many professional gamblers take notes of every jackpot won, the date it was triggered, and the size of it. They feel that statistics will show the way to the ‘golden eggs’. However, we believe that the only thing that decides is RNG.

Casinos often attract players with jackpot meter tables on their pages with slot games. There you can also see the names of several lucky jackpot winners. Each minute the pool increases, and that, we bet, will not leave any avid gambler indifferent. Besides, you will also find categories named ‘Jackpot Slots’ or ‘Progressive Jackpot Slots’ on the casino’s slots collection page.

Jackpot Slots Online Basic Characteristics

The main features that should be considered while playing slots with the jackpots are the next:

  • RTP – this word represents return-to-player rate. The percentage of money that the slot machine will pay out to the player over the long term. Higher RTP translates to more money released by the machine.
  • If the RTP of the game is 95%, it will pay out $95 for every $100 bet it took from a player. However, this does not mean that it will pay $95 to you. The $95 will be paid to the lucky players who land winning combos.
  • Volatility – it is a measurement of how often a slot will land winning combinations. If you think of a coin with two sides, the volatility is low because you choose only one side out of two. In penny slots, the volatility is calculated about the number of symbols and the number of reels.
  • Chances – chances of winning are the same as odds. In a flip coin, the odds are 50%. In a slot machine, the typical odds of landing a five-symbol combo are 0.032%.

How to Play

Basically, the general rules of playing titles with a progressive jackpot do not differ from those of ordinary slots, except for some peculiarities you should pay attention to:

  1. Check the jackpot titles and choose the liked one.
  2. Start the game by toggling your bet per line. The bet button is usually found at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Depending on the game, you can either bet a currency value or a credit. For currency values, you have to choose how much money you want to wager per line. Usually, the range is between $0.01 and $1.
  4. For a credit-based bet, you need to set the value of each coin. The typical range is $0.01 to $1.
  5. The next step to take is to determine how many coins to wager per line. The total stake for a spin is equal to the total credits x total active lines. The last thing to do is to spin the reels by clicking on the Spin button.
  6. Some Video slots need you to land five symbols on a pay line, while some would require you to land winning combinations in succession. You need to know the rules perfectly.
  7. Do not be surprised if some online slots need you to trigger a bonus round first before allowing you to unlock the grand prize.

How to Win in Progressive Slot Machines Online

Nobody will tell how to win a jackpot simply because nobody knows, and if they do — that is a lie. Although we do not know what “button to push” to throw the jackpot into your hands, we know the strategy, advice from pro gamblers, and simple logic that stands behind and may help you trigger the award. Here we go:

  1. Choose the slots with medium-sized jackpot pools — they are more likely to be won.
  2. Keep track of jackpot meters on the casino’s page and write down the names of the slots where the jackpot was triggered. It will help you to see whether the jackpot is won often or not in a certain slot. If yes it means you have good chances and if not, well, there is a chance someone will trigger the jackpot soon but the probability of that being you equals almost zero.
  3. Try to choose new jackpot titles from the established game studios. Many gamblers prefer playing old titles since they are as old as time and proven. Gamblers mostly do not trust new slots online. But, developers and casinos will try to turn everybody’s attention to the novelty by all means, and the won jackpot is a way to attract. You can become a winner.
  4. Play with maximum bets. Some gamblers believe that jackpot winners are those who bet at maximum.
  5. Better be a VIP club member or a high-roller. Online casinos appreciate big money being constantly contributed to their business and want to keep you satisfied and stay loyal. It is that simple: you give more — you receive more.
  6. Practice on free progressive jackpot slots first. You may choose the same game you want to play for real money and try it for free to understand the frequency of jackpot occurrence.

slot machine jackpot winners

To win the real jackpot you should play for real money

Biggest Jackpot Slots Winners

Here are some cool facts about people who won big online slot jackpots:

  • Elmer Sherwin – won the biggest prize twice. One was for $4.6 million on Megabucks in Las Vegas. The other was for the same game in the same location for $21.1 million.
  • Cynthia Jay – won $35 million in the slot Megabucks, also in Las Vegas.
  • Jon Heywood – a British national who won £13.2 million in Mega Moolah in 2015.
  • Anonymous Player – won AUD 10.4 in the Dark Night slot.

Huge jackpot slot winners usually want to remain anonymous to protect their identities.

Big Jackpot Slot Machines

  • Wheel of Fortune – this game is a slot developed by IGT. There are 720 ways for a player to win, and it pays 10,000x the player’s line bet. The way to win the enormous payout is to land the game title symbol five times on a pay line.
  • Buffalo – this slot machine is making a buzz in the casino community. It is currently available on the cabinet only. What this means is you cannot access it online. It would help if you found a land-based casino to play it. This game is from Aristocrat, and it offers a jackpot that can reach up to one million units.
  • Mega Fortune is a 5×3 slot game from NetEnt of Hollywood style. The game features 25 paylines and the possibility to win a jackpot of $ 4,000,000.00. This game stands among the most popular jackpot slots online. You start the bonus game (marked as a bonus wheel) with 3 available jackpots when you land 3 bonus symbols on 3 reels. Players can select the bet between $0.01 and $25 per spin.
  • Mega Fortune Dreams is a sequel of Mega Fortune slot from NetEnt. It has 5 reels and an RTP of 96.6%. Bets are placed from $0.20 to $80.00. The game has 20 paylines and 3 progressive jackpots as well as its predecessor.
  • Mega Moolah – classics of jackpot slots and is one of the most often played slots from Microgaming. It has a reputation of the game that pays out more frequently than other jackpot games and already has made several millionaires out of ordinary players. The game is played on a 5×3 reel set; it has 4 jackpots (Mini, Minor, Major, Mega) and 25 paylines to win on. The bonus round can be triggered accidentally at any time of the gameplay.
  • Arabian Nights slot was launched by NetEnt in early 2005. It has already stolen the hearts of millions of players all over the world. The game is of Arabian style, and, to be more accurate, it tells the story of Alladin on 5×3 reel grid with 20 paylines. The maximum jackpot you can win here is $ 1,000,000.00.
  • Jackpot Giant is another progressive jackpot slot made by Playtech which was launched in 2004. The main character there is a cartoonish giant. The slot has a 5×3 reel grid and 50 paylines. You can win $ 200,000.00 maximum as a jackpot prize.

Real Money Vs Jackpot Slots Free Games

Real Money Titles Free Progressive Slots
You need to be a registered casino member to be entitled to the jackpots. You do not need to register anywhere (if you do not want to). You can play free jackpot slots on different slot sites and dedicated apps.
You have to make real money deposits. If you lose, you pay your own money. You do not need to spend your money. You gamble with play money only.
You can’t play or continue playing if you do not have funds. Nothing will stop you from playing. Free funds are always on your account. If not, just restart the game and free credits will be redeemed.
You can develop your strategy of playing, but each mistake will cost you money. Your mistake will not cost anything. Keep playing or learning how to play without fear of failure.
You are feeling stressed when you play for real, however, you receive much excitement from the gameplay. Nothing to worry about. Yes, you can be carried away by the game but do not ever feel how the heart skips the beat each time you spin the reels.
In case you win, your jackpot prize can be cashed out. If you play for fun, your jackpot is also just “for fun”.
Real bonuses like Real Money Bonus Rounds or Extra Spins, etc. No real bonuses. All bonuses you receive are dummies.
You are entitled to network jackpots. Only game jackpots.
You can take part in tournaments. You can also take part in tournaments with free slots, for example, in many dedicated apps for playing free jackpot slots, tournaments are a part of their services.
All jackpot titles are available to play for real money. The collection of free jackpot titles is not so extensive.

Hitting the Jackpot with Progressive Slot Machines

slot machine jackpotHitting the giant pot is progressive, and it is a challenging proposition. It is possible, but the stakes are high because the odds are also low. Usually, your chances of landing a five-symbol combination are 0.032%. But this does not mean that you will land the grand prize symbol. The 0.032% only means that you can land five low-value symbols, but not necessarily the one that will yield the highest prize.

Each jackpot slot game contains another screen on its interface to show the jackpot amount. If that amount is stationary and doesn’t change, you are playing a fixed jackpot game. But if the amount always rises, that is a progressive jackpot machine. Of course, it is believed that choosing the progressive over the regular jackpot is the wisest idea – but trust us, in most games, it is not. The winning odds of a progressive jackpot game is significantly lower.

Let’s give an example: the biggest progressive jackpot game ever known is MegaBucks by IGT. Yes, it pays as high as 33.000.000 USD. But do you know the odds of winning that amount? 1 in 49,836,032. On the other hand, there is a small fixed jackpot game by the same company, called Double Diamond. It contains only a total of 2.500 USD jackpot value, but your odds of winning that amount is 1 in 46,656. In other words, don’t let the more significant numbers distract you – it is about the odds. You can find the best casino slot games with the highest jackpot payouts on this page and play them for free.

Best Online Casinos to Play Jackpot Slots at

If you play jackpot slots online for real money, it is vital to choose the best place to gamble at. The main things you should pay attention to when choosing a perfect casino are:

  1. The casino should be licensed and safe
  2. Pay attention to feedbacks it has on the web
  3. Always read T&Cs carefully
  4. If a casino does not require you to register, it can be a scam
  5. Check game providers the casino offers

To make it simple, here is the list of some best and trusted casinos that are focused mainly on slot games, and where you can play progressive games as well, which we have prepared for you. Check our reviews pages to know more about T&Cs of the preferred casino and grab your exclusive welcome bonuses (if any).

Play Progressive Slots Free or for Money on Mobile

Today, most slot machines are accessible on any device. All game developers have a mobile-first policy when designing games. They need to do this to expand their reach and to make it easier for players to access the games. Jackpot slots are not an exception. However, the number of jackpot slots falls behind the number of ordinary ones which means that the collection of mobile jackpot slots are even smaller but still enough for gamblers to try the mobile experience. You can easily gamble on your iOS, Android, Windows-based device and the only thing you have to worry about is a stable internet connection and enough charge in your gadget.

All the main features of the games remain the same as well as their graphics. Due to the mobile adaptive layout, some games have an even more convenient arrangement of controls and fewer side icons. For example, the Spin button in mobile slots is bigger than in the standard version which makes it more comfortable to gamble.

Here is the comparison between playing jackpot slot machines on mobile and desktop:

Characteristics Mobile Desktop
Requirement for downloading no (except this is a dedicated app) no
Convenience You play wherever you like: at home, on the go, in the car, etc. You play from home/office or the place where you can connect your PC.
Speed faster than the desktop version. meets the requirements of desktop gaming experience.
Graphics, functions, controls the same the same
Layout adaptive (landscape, portrait) landscape
Instant Play mode yes (HTML5) yes (HTML5)
Number of games enough but not the same number as desktop slot games. more extensive collection of jackpot games.
Jackpot size the same the same
Available OS iOS, Android, Windows iOS, Windows
Free Play versions available available

Jackpot Slots App

What could be more convenient than an application that is always at hand, boasts instant play, has a variety of functions designed for your ideal gaming experience and at the same time makes it possible to win an award.

Lovers of playing jackpot slots on mobile have indeed a lot to choose from! Here we have compiled a list of the newest and most popular jackpot slots apps.

App Main Features Developed by Welcome Bonus OS
Jackpot party 200+ jackpot vegas-style slot machines. VIP club membership, daily prizes. Lightning League club. SciPlay no Android

Jackpot World

exclusive free slots & classic 777 casino games. Daily missions bonuses, VIP bonus gifts. SpinX Games 10,000,000 free coins Android
House of Fun 180+ free slot games, Wheel of Fun feature. WILD feature slots. Often tournaments PLAYTIKA UK 1,000 free coins iOS

Citizen Jackpot Casino

30+ premium vegas-style slots with huge jackpots. Daily bonuses. Bonus Wheel, special surprise gifts.

Seven Slots Technology

5,000,000 free coins

Jackpot Hit Slots 100+ most popular casino slot games. Huge jackpots. VIP membership. SBLY 100,000,00 coins iOS

Jackpot Magic Slots

100+ jackpot slot machines. Virtual slot tournaments, Bonus Game features (Ultra coins, free spins). Premium version. Big Fish Games 1,000,000 bonus chips Android

Double Jackpot Slots Las Vegas

classic slot games and vegas-style slots. Free coins every day, bonus coins every hour, tournaments. Phonato Studios no iOS

Epic Jackpot Slots

50+ popular games. Free daily login bonus, Mega Wheel bonus + free coins every 3 hours. 3150 One Team 2,000.000 free welcome bonus Android

No Deposit Free Slot Games with Jackpots

If you want to play free jackpot slot machine games, you need to look for casinos that offer no deposit bonuses. Casinos like this offer free money to newly registered players. Some will give you 20 free spins, while some will give you money, which you can use to bet on specific slot machines. You have to know that this money comes with rules. For one, you cannot withdraw it right away. It also has wagering requirements.
progressive jackpots online
A wagering requirement is expressed in multiplier values, equal to the amount of money you need to wager before the casino lets you withdraw your bonus and your winnings. If the wagering requirement is 30X and you received $20, it means that you need to bet a total of $600 from that bonus money before you can withdraw.

Also, you need to meet that wagering requirement within a certain period. Most casinos set a 30-day deadline. Failure to meet it results in voiding all your bonus funds, including your winnings from it. Even if you have $20 to wager, you cannot use this full amount to bet. Casinos will usually limit the amount of money you can wager per spin. Typically, you are limited to $5 per spin.

And we should not forget that there is also a thing called a game contribution. Not all slot machines contribute the same percentage to your wagering requirement. If the slot machine you are playing only contributes 50%, only $2.5 will be deducted from the $600 for every $5 that you stake.

Penny Slots with Jackpots

Fruit machines or penny slots that you find in beer houses and clubs do not yield large jackpots. The reason behind this is that only one person can play at any given time. The machine is also programmed or designed to yield a fixed amount. In online slots, thousands of players from different parts of the world can play at any given time. Because of this volume, the game developers know that they can earn a lot of money and share a lucky winner percentage. Also, penny slots cannot be programmed to yield progressive prizes. Manual slot machines do not have the essential electronic components that can add money to a pot.

Live Slots Jackpots

Winning the jackpot in a land-based casino is the same as the online versions of the game. The best casino slot machines are often interlinked to online versions. This means that a person may be playing Starburst in Las Vegas while another is playing it from home in London.

Both players need to land the winning combination to bag the progressive jackpot. Note that you can only win the biggest ever if you also bet the maximum amount. Should you land the winning symbols for the jackpot, but you only bet a small amount, you will only win a proportion of the grand prize.

Tips & Tricks

how to win progressive jackpotThe odds of winning the jackpot in Vegas slots are small. There are games where you can win a big pot on currency terms, like $1,000,000. However, you need to stake $100 per spin. A game like this is a cash guzzler. Since your odds of landing a 5-symbol combo is only 0.032%, spin 3,000x to have an opportunity to land a jackpot combo. The cost of your total stake is around $300,000. One of the best tips to implement is only to play slots that pay in multiplier terms. There are slot machines that offer 10,000x your line bet if you land a five-symbol combo. At this rate, you will win the same proportion of the jackpot prize regardless of your bet size.

Top Developers of Jackpot Titles

Here are some of the best jackpot slots from each developer. Check out the demo versions to see if you like the game:

  • Aristocrat – Buffalo Grand
  • Bally – Lightning Jackpot
  • iSoftbet – Lucky Lady
  • Konami – Engine Ablaze
  • Novomatic – From Dusk Till Dawn
  • IGT – Megabucks
  • Microgaming – Mega Moolah
  • Yggdrasil – Ozwin’s Jackpots
  • NetEnt – Hall of Gods
  • Playtech – Beach Life
  • WMS – King Midas


Jackpot slots online are your real chance to win massive cash awards. There are different types of jackpot slots but progressive jackpot slots are the most played. The reason is that such jackpots can reach quite impressive sizes and the sum of the award grows with each bet made. Some online casinos even display progressive jackpot meters on the pages with slots to show how the jackpot pool is growing every minute. You can gamble different progressive titles on mobile or on your PC and the gambling experience remains the same. Try our collection of free progressive slots online no download with no registration to polish your skills and prepare yourself for the real money play.


Who won jackpot slots?

Various players have won different jackpot amounts. Most prefer their identities be hidden for their protection.

What are progressive jackpot slots?

These are slot machines that pool money from players. The prize keeps on accumulating until somebody wins it.

How to cheat in jackpot slots?

You cannot cheat any jackpot slot machine.

Can I get a no deposit bonus on jackpot slots?

Yes, you can. You need to find an online casino that supports your country. Once you do, find out if a no-deposit bonus is currently part of the casino’s promotions.

Are there any tournaments with slots jackpots?

Yes, there are tournaments where your goal as a participant is to rank high in the leaderboards. Top players are awarded cash.

How progressive jackpot slots work?

Progressive jackpots pool money and accumulate the prize until a lucky player meets the jackpot requirements. You cannot win the entire jackpot if you do not bet the maximum amount.

Is there a strategy on how to win in jackpot slot machine?

The only strategy is to bet the maximum amount and bet on all pay lines. All results of all spins are random.

Are there any differences between progressive and simple free slot demos?

Yes, there are. In demo games, you get to play with play money. The demo games also do not show the actual amount of the current pooled money because it is not linked to the real game.

Are the RTP and Volatility values different in free and real money progressive slots?

They are the same. The free games will let you assess how likely it is to win in the real money game.