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With the annual San Diego Comic-Con International just months away from taking place, it seems okay to acknowledge and review some of the superhero-themed slots. More specifically for this website, it seems okay if we give the nod to Marvel themed slots by different software providers online.

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Each and every day, software developers in the online casino industry seem to be working round the clock to get new and brilliant ideas for video slots. The market is already saturated with these games, and it’s very important that with every new slot, there’s a new concept that will manage to draw players to it.

This implies that the developers are constantly working to come up with fantastic ideas that will implore players to try their games. However, there are instances where these developers aren’t as creative and the games they develop fail to attain their intended target.

Amongst my favourite slot themes are the Marvel themed slots. They usually feature characters from some of the popular comic books that we read as kids or watched as movies. Some of the notable ones include Spiderman, X-Men, The Hulk, Dare Devil and so many others. These games come with a superhero who has been portrayed cleared in crisp graphics. The animations too also ensure that the symbols come to life as they spin behind the reels.

Why Are Marvel Themed Slots So Popular?

In addition to the entertainment value itself, the other reason why we really love the Marvel themed slots is that they come with different jackpots. There are those that stand alone – also referred to as the standalone jackpot or flat jackpot – while there are those that increase every time a player plays the game (the progressives).

Of the two jackpots, the progressive jackpots are the most sought after because of the high winnings that they come with. While the Marvel slots don’t offer that much in terms of rewards, the payouts are usually significant enough to give you a long holiday at any of the Las Vegas casinos that you’ve always been dreaming of visiting.

How Do You Win These Jackpots?

The trick is simple, just play the game and wait for the rewards. Jackpots, just like the other ordinary games, are paid out randomly. Slot developers are usually required to program all the games they develop with what is referred to as the Random Number Generator – a software that randomly determined the outcome of each game. Therefore, if you are lucky enough to land the required combination of symbols, you end up being a winner.

There are so many slots to choose from, but we do have our favourites at As such, we highly recommend any of the following games from Playtech.

  • Spider-Man: Attack of the Green GoblinThere are so many things to like about this 5-reel by 25-payline slot from Playtech, but we have specifics. For example, it has been featured in the Marvel multi-level progressive jackpot network. This means massive wins for the player. Also, its 25 paylines are fixed, meaning placing bets is a very straightforward affair. Lastly, it has plenty of in-game features including the bonuses, multipliers and symbols that have high prices.
  • BladeThe game has 5-reels and 20-paylines, and every time you’ll be playing it, you have to ensure that you’ve lined up the required combination of symbols to win. It features the innovative Bet Max and Autoplay features, which ensure you bet stress-free.The outstanding feature in this game, however, is the user and mobile friendliness. The game loads pretty fast on any mobile device and playing it – even for the new players – is very straightforward. The bet limits also ensure all types of players enjoy the game.
  • Captain AmericaYes, he might have carried the day during the world war, but you shouldn’t mistake this fact and think that Captain America is an old-fashioned slot. This Avengers leader is now back with one aim; to battle with the Red Skull in a bid to eliminate him from the face of the earth. Spin either of them anywhere on the reels to receive massive prices.

Other games that you can choose; if you wish include Thor The Mighty Avenger, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2 and X-Men. All these games can be played for free or real money at any of the Playtech Casinos.

Important Points to Note before Playing These Games

Understand the rules – This is important as it not only lets you understand how the game functions, but it also enables you to enjoy the game as you play it. Some of the important things to note include the bonus games, wild and scatter symbols, bet limits and the return to player percentage

Choose a game based on your bankroll – A bankroll simply refers to the amount of money that you have to spend on a game. If you have a hefty bankroll, choosing a game that takes high limits is okay and vice versa.

Always go for the best casinos – Choosing a casino with a stellar reputation online is important as it assures you that you’ll be receiving nothing short of exemplary services.