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Have you ever sat down and thought for a minute about how much Viking you are missing in your life? Well, we do feel this quite often. And whenever we feel like sporting a ginger beard, use an iron axe to burn down some villages, we simply choose to fire up the reels of some of our favourite battle themed slots, more especially those Scando-themed Viking slots and released the urge there. That’s a much better way to go about it than causing extreme mayhem that can result in carnage.

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Big old beards, Norse Gods, and Massive Hammers- they’ve all been featured here. So check our guide to some of the best battle/Viking themed slots that we’ve got for your spinning pleasure here at Don your battle gear and grab your amour as you try to land as many coins as possible to fill your leather loincloths.

But before we look into the list, why don’t we help the slots newbies understand a few things about this game. If you are already accustomed to this game, you can jump straight to the list.

Battle Themed Slots – What You Need to Know before Playing

Before you start playing any of the battle-themed slots, it’s important you understand some of the commonly used phrases and terminologies so that you can have an easy time playing the game as well as enjoying the game. Below are some of the most common on-screen terminologies that you’ll come across.

  • The Coin Size – It’s a phrase that’s used to describe the total amount you are going to bet on the game. For instance, if you’ve chosen to bet 10 cents on the spin, then the coin size for this bet is a dime.
  • Max Bet – This simply means the highest amount you can bet on a single spin on the game that you’ll be playing. It’s a feature that was placed on the slots purposely for those players with a high bankroll.
  • Payline – In simple words, it’s a line which pays out. Paylines determine where each and every symbol will line up. If similar symbols line up on an active line, you win
  • Reels – They are the ‘wheels’ on the video slot that spin. They are responsible for holding the symbols, which come in different shapes and forms. Classic slot games have 3 reels, while the modern video slots feature 5 reels.
  • Symbols – They are found on the reels and come with different values. Software providers use them to determine the theme of a particular game.
  • Free Spins – Nearly all video slots feature the free spins and just as the name suggests, you get to spin the reels for free and still get to win real cash.

While reviewing some of the best battle themed slots, we’ll mention some of these features using examples so you can have a better understanding of each.

Important Symbols to Look Out for in Battle Themed Slots

As already mentioned, symbols in video slots come in different sizes, shapes and forms. However, they can broadly be categorized into the categories below:

Wild Symbols – They act as substitutes for all the other symbols to form winning combinations. For instance, if you have three axe symbols and need one more symbol to complete a winning combination, and there’s a wild symbol on an active payline, then it can act as an axe to form winning pattern. Wilds mostly appear on reels 2, 3 and 5.

Scatter Symbols – Unlike the wilds, scatters can appear anywhere on the reels to form winning patterns. However, they only reward you with free spins but only if you manage to land a minimum of three symbols on the reels

Bonus Symbols – Not all games have this type of symbols, but those that feature them are assured of a bonus game where the winnings can be enormous.

Our Best Battle Themed Video Slots

Without further ado, we’d like to introduce our preferred battle/Viking themed slots.


This is a Norse mythology game that includes a storyline where the whole world is destroyed, which is as a result of an epic and bloodthirsty battle between Thor, Odin and Loki. The game’s graphics are crisp, and the monsters featured in the bonus round are genuinely terrifying.

But the real reason why we’d recommend this game to any player is the gameplay. It has a mysterious red rune that also acts as the key to the multilevel bonus round. The more you collect these symbols, the bigger and rewarding the payouts.  Basically, they’ll trigger the bonus battle game for you!

Viking RunCraft

Viking RunCraft is a Play’n Go slot that lets you channel the power of the mighty Norse gods. It transports you to the chilly Scandinavian winter from the comfort of your own home. If you are a Thor fan, embrace this moment because you’ll be rubbing shoulder with him and the larger extent of the Viking Kingdom. Stunning graphics and remarkable gameplay are just some of the things to like about this game. It also has an interesting 7×7 grid filled with symbols that re-fill after each spin.

Vikings Go Berzerk

Fire up this beautifully designed game from Yggdrasil and prepare yourself for a spine-chilling introduction that will transport you to the world of Vikings and sirens. Unlike other battle themed slots, Vikings Go Berzerk has been set aboard a ship with the reels displayed on the mainsail. The game has a flexible bet range of between €0.01 up to a maximum of €125 per spin.  Vikings Go Berzerk doesn’t lack any special features, which help contribute to your winning potential and fun!