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May 08, 2017

It is possible to use a strategy at a certain level for almost every game you can find in casinos. You can even apply a strategy for games that are based entirely on luck and still increase your chances of winning. There is no strategy that gives you a %100 winning chance (other than one game), so you cannot eliminate the “luck factor” completely. However, in some games, especially in games with high stakes, even if you increase your chances of winning by one percent, you will still get an edge over other players and the casino.

Card Game Strategies

To tell the truth, strategies are most useful for card games. All tactics are based on mathematical calculations, and it is easier to do these calculations when you the exact units – like the number of cards in a deck. Strategies you can use in card games are:
: Did you remember we said “other than one game” above? That one game is blackjack. In theory, you can win every blackjack game by using the right strategy. The problem is, you have to be a genius to use that strategy! The tactic we’re talking about is card counting. It is completely legal, and if you have a visual memory that can compete with computers, it is possible to win every blackjack game you play. Unfortunately, this is not possible for 99.9% of the player population. If you are not in the remaining 0.01%, the simplest blackjack tactics you can use are:

  • Always hit if you have a total of 8 and lower.
  • Double and hit if you have 9 or 10.
  • If you have a point between 11 and 16, check the dealer’s hand. If he has 6 or lower, stand. If not, keep hitting.
  • Always stand if you have a total of 17 and higher.

Classic Poker: It is both difficult and easy to set a strategy for poker. The challenge is due to the large number of poker variations. In a standard video poker game, the RTP rate is 97% and above. So your chances of winning are already high enough. You can use different strategies to get this figure even higher. According to variants, the poker tactics you can use are:

3 Card Stud: Do not try to calculate the possibilities, there are 22,100 different card combinations in this variant. Among the poker variants, this one needs the luck most. There is only one strategy: Fold your hand if you have lower than Q/6/4. By just applying this rule, it is possible to reduce the casino edge to 2.30%.

5 Card Poker: Your goal is to create a combination that is superior to your opponents by using at least 3 of the 5 cards on your hand. There is no tactical list here that you can follow strictly. You should analyze your opponents and bluff when necessary. Counting cards gives a great advantage. Players who only ask 2 or 3 cards usually have strong hands. This information also applies to lesser known variants, like Let It Ride poker.

7 Card Poker: This variant is also known as “Hi Low”. You need to implement a strategy according to the cards in your hand. There is no tactic for every situation. In general, it is possible to say that you have an advantage if you have a big pair. High cards are always good. In this respect, 9 and above are the most important cards. Watching your opponents and bluffing at the right time is the best strategy you can use.

No Limit Poker. The variant known as “No Limit Poker” is played according to one of these three categories. You need to determine your strategy according to the type you are playing. No Limit Poker, which is played on special high stakes casinos like Full Tilt Poker, is a variant that amateurs must stay away from – the bet levels can be incredibly high.

Hold’em Poker: There are two different types, Texas and Omaha. It is possible to use the same strategy for both. Your goal is not only to create the highest poker hand but also to increase the total pot amount continuously. For this reason, bluffing is of great importance. Always play aggressively and if you have a combination of Ace – Jack, it is advisable to withdraw from the game. If you have a pair in your hand, you are only 5.9% likely to turn it into a useful combination. For this reason, do not take unnecessary risks by trusting the pairs.

Caribbean Stud Poker: This is a simple variant and you cannot bluff. If you have a pair in your hand, do not fold. But if you do not have at least one A or K in your hand, it will be more accurate to withdraw from the game. This simple rule reduces the casino advantage to 2.3%. You only need luck for the rest.

Pai Gow: Pai Gow strategies are very complex and require a different tactic for each combination. In general, we can say that the following rules apply:

      • Always split if you have 4 of a kind;
      • 2 pairs must always be split if there isn’t a K or Q in your hand,
      • Always keep 3 pairs together,
      • Never split pairs of 2, 3, and 4.

Video Poker: Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild are the most played video poker games. These are a standard 5 Card Poker game, but the Aces and the Jacks pay higher than normal. You cannot bluff because you are playing against the computer. For this reason, there is no tactic other than to count cards and hold cards with the highest value.
For games based entirely on luck, such as Red Dog, there is no tactic you can use other than counting cards.

Casino Game Betting Strategies

If we take a look at the strategies you can use in other casino games:

Craps: As it is a game based entirely on luck, there is almost no strategy that can be applied. It is not possible to increase your chances of winning, but you can eliminate the edge of the casino. “Do not Pass” and “Do not Come” bets give zero edge to the casino. You can limit your losses by playing only on these two bets. It is possible to say that these statements are also valid for Poker Dice.

Roulette: Roulette is also based on luck. All you can do is to learn probabilities and bet on the options with the highest odds. In this respect, you have a 47.37% chance of winning in the following four betting types: Red / Black, Odd / Even, 1 to 18, 19 to 36. The worst bet you can play is First Five. The advantage of the casino increases to 7.89% in this bet. In addition to these, always choose roulette games that are played according to European rules.

Wheel of Fortune CardWheel of Fortune: Unfortunately, no strategy is available for this game. The advantage of the casino is over 24%, so your chances of winning are already very low. If you still want to play, bet on the lowest prize on the wheel.

Casino Slots Strategy

Slot machines strategies vary according to the type of the game. These machines are divided into various categories according to the number of reels, symbols and pay lines they have.

  • Fruit Machines: These are the machines with the highest chance of winning. The general rule for slot machines is that if the game is unpretentious, your chances of winning are high. The amount of rewards is small, but you get a high frequency of winning.
  • Video Slots: Select the ones with lesser number of symbols and pay lines. As the number of these features increase, the minimum bet amount that you need to deposit also becomes higher. It is even better to choose penny slot machines.
  • Progressive Slots: This type has the lowest chance of winning. It is necessary to place the maximum bet for every spin and professional gamblers will not play on progressive machines for this reason.

In general, the things you need to be aware of for slot machines are:

  • Choose games with an RTP rate of 95% or more. The higher this rate, the less you lose in the long run.
  • Stay away from the machines that change the paytable according to your bet. Machines with a fixed pay table are always better.
  • Learn rules and especially combinations that start bonus rounds before starting to play.

Casino Bonus Strategy

There are two bonus types that you need to pay attention to: Welcome and match bonus. You get a certain amount of “free money” with the first one. The second one makes the casinos match your deposits. So if you deposit, for example, 150 dollars, the casino will give you another 150 dollars to spend. By combining these two bonuses, you can get a starting capital of thousands of dollars. Therefore, when evaluating bonus offers always consider these two bonuses together and consider whether you can combine them or not.