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fantasy slots

A good video slot needs an interesting and captivating theme (like Sci-Fi for instance!), and one of the ways that the developers and designers use to make these games stand out is to develop a game from a fantasy story or a movie franchise. If you look at some of the most played video slot games out there, you won’t fail to notice that they have been developed out of fantasy movies.

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For instance, you can look at the Terminator 2, Jurassic Park, and the Dark Knight Rises – all these games have been developed out of the sci-fiction movies. There are other games such as Game of Thrones and Tomb Raiders which also have their origins from TV or gaming.

But how do these games end up being developed from the franchises? Isn’t it illegal to do that? These are questions you are probably asking yourself.

Understanding Licensing and How It Works

So how do the software developers end up striking a deal with the parent company? Let’s take a good example of Microgaming – the company behind some of the numerous fantasy themed slots. Microgaming will sign the contract with the company controlling the rights to the product they want. It could be a comic book, a fairy tale or even a movie. Movie developing companies realized that there’s more money in licensing than it is in ticket sales.

Therefore, if a movie has been a huge success in the market, then the software company will have to pay. After the fee has been settled on, the company will market it to all its sub-companies to ensure it’s a hit and thus generating huge revenue for the software developer and consequently the company itself.

Licensing Deal Reached – What Next?

The next big task usually lies with the software developer. It’s up to them to ensure that their intended game lives up to the hype created by the movie. Therefore, they usually turn their eyes to their designers and developers to deliver something exceptional – something that will get every one of us to keep spinning the reels.

To ensure this is achieved the developing team emphasises the following key areas:

Graphics & Animations – We are living in a world where everything is in HD, including the videos that we watch. Consequently, designers have to ensure the slots have crisp graphics and sleek animations, which depict the actual movie itself

Symbols and Images – They are widely used to portray the actual movie in the game. In most of the prolific games, high paying symbols normally represent the main characters of the movie. The Bridesmaids movie logo is the Wild symbol in the Bridesmaids slot, and other important symbols are represented by the other Bridesmaids.

Symbols are also categorized depending on the role they play in the game. Wilds substitute for all the other symbols besides the scatter, while the scatter triggers the free spins bonus round. There’s also the bonus symbol that’s responsible for triggering the bonus round.

Jackpots – They come in different forms bearing different prizes. Those that have a price that constantly increases are referred to as the progressive jackpots, while the normal jackpot games are referred to as flat top jackpots.

RTP – This is an acronym for Return To Player percentage, and it determines how often a player is set to win from that particular game over a period of time. It’s the responsibility of the developer to ensure that the game has a favourable RTP so that it attracts more player to it.

Other notable features included in the fantasy-themed slots include:

  • Paytable
  • Paylines
  • Coin size
  • Max and Autospin features.

After all, is said and done, the software providers then roll out their games to various online casinos for players to try and rate them. Lucky for you, we not only try the games for the sheer fun of it, but we also look for the strong and weak features in the game and include them in our reviews. This gives you an idea of what exactly you should expect and thus make a conclusive decision on whether or not you should play it.

Below are some of the fantasy-themed games that we sampled and would like to recommend to our readers.

Top Free-Slots-No-Download.Com Fantasy Themed Slots

  • Gone with the WindThis is a fantasy themed slot that features 5-reels and 20-paylines. It also has plenty of in-game features and symbols that will bring out the love and romance side of the game, while still keeping it thrilling and exciting to play.
  • SupermanAdapted from the movie Superman, Superman slot has managed to reunite all the characters back together for another thrilling session. In addition to the action-jammed bonus round and the thrilling aspect of it, the game also uses movie footages that make the game as entertaining and engaging as possible. Watch out for the five fittingly bonus games including the Superman Remix, Save Lois Lane and the Fortress of Solitude Progressive.
  • Lord of the RingsIn order to play Lord of the Rings (a game that was adapted from the movie and book The Lord of the Rings), you’ll first of all need to choose a username. You can as well choose not to provide the username, but this will only limit you to the 1st and 2nd bonus rounds only.

As a player, Lord of the Rings gives you an opportunity of taking an epic trip besides Frodo Baggins, Gandalf the Grey among other major characters featured in the original movie in a bid to conquer the enemies.