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It is a pleasure to present free Cleopatra Megajackpots by IGT – game which includes an unbelievable mix of ancient mystery and new technologies. This review will open all features and opportunities which gambler can get.

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Short introduction: plot part

The main Cleopatra Megajackpots slots game idea was to create the union of ancient Egypt world with reality. In case if someone will ever try to compare these different worlds, it would be interesting to find that money is still the main value. The Egypt land’s princess was very rich – people all over the world envied her because everything was possible to have she got it. The main association with her person was wealth.

This game opens new opportunities to reach all the ancient artifacts of Egypt lands which were hidden somewhere inside tombs of the pharaohs. This game is mystical, but at the same time it is very sensitive – it is hard to imagine someone who can stay not touched by this IGT miracle.

It could be recommended for someone who wants to find something special because plot, details and historical basis brings the game into another turf, which is far from classic gambling world products.

Previous information: main Cleopatra Megajackpots by IGT characteristics

It is important to open all the features of the main game process because only their clear understanding can bring opportunity to find perfect gambling offer. Here is the list, which includes the answers to main questions:

1) Jackpot amount It starts from the €750 000 and ends in  €1 million
2) Bonus Rounds (how many) One
3) Free Spins (how many) Game offers 15 free spins (it is possible to expand till 180)
4) Multiplier It includes 3x multiplier
5) Scatter symbol Game include scatter symbol
6) Wild Symbol   (Is there?) Yes
7) Paylines (how many) There are 20 playlines
8) Reels (how many) There are 5 reels
9) Lines (how many) There are 3 lines
10) Manufacturer Game was developed by talented IGT team
11) Highest Payout No information
12) RTP  (%) 88.98%
13) Volatility (High/medium or low?) Statistic shows that it has medium volatility
14) Autoplay No autoplay – gambler should be involved into the game
15) Minimum/Maximum Bet (range) The lowest one bet is 0,40 €, the highest – 60 €
16) Mobile version This game may offer Android and iOS support

The main feature of the free Cleopatra Megajackpots slot machine is that it is one of the most exciting offers for gamblers on market. In comparison with other games with the same theme (Crown of Egypt, Egypt Sky and others), it has own style. By the way, it is important to mention that Jackpot size grows up with the popularity expansion. This fact is a lucky chance for gamblers to get the best adventure.

Unfortunately, there is no demo-version, but this feature could be explained by the IGT to bring another range of attention to their game.

Let’s talk about bonuses: what are the magical symbols

It is important to learn everything about bonus symbols before the gambling because their mix shows the available profit.

Here is the list of bonuses with their payouts which are available during Cleopatra Megajackpots slots gambling:

1 – Lotus. 2>> 2

3>> 25

4>> 100

5>> 750

8 – Lucky 10. 3>> 5

4>> 25

5>> 100

2 – Logo. 2>> 10

3>> 200

4>> 2,000

5>> 10,000

9 – Lucky 9. 2>> 2

3>> 5

4>> 25

5>> 100

3 – Egyptian staff. 3>> 10

4>> 75

5>> 250

10 – Sphinx. 2>> 2

3>> 5

4>> 20

5>> 100

4 – Bug. 2>> 2

3>> 25

4>> 100

5>> 750

11 – Jack. 3>> 5

4>> 25

5>> 100

5 – Gold. 3>> 15

4>> 100

5>> 400

12 – Queen symbol. 3>> 5

4>> 25

5>> 100

6 – Horus Eye. 3>> 10

4>> 50

5>> 250

13 – King symbol. 3>> 5

4>> 50

5>> 100

7 – A-word. 3>> 10

4>> 50

5>> 125

Main win rules: how to get your luck

It would be interesting to learn that Cleopatra Megajackpots slot is a game which was the first one try to reach the popularity by IGT team in the Jackpots series. They started work in the 2014 year and today it is possible to conclude that it was successful. The main idea was to get the old-school plot with the Nile princes and turn it into the profitable game.

People all over the world tried to get all the prices that it may offer. In goal to reach the heights, a small group of game adorers decided to observe previous Megajackpots results and they found some features:

  • all of the highest results happened in spring;
  • most of them were in the space between 20 and 30 days of the month:
  • once it happened with a distance of fewer than 24 hours.

Free spins and available bonuses

In case if you want to win, it is important to learn that only after getting 3 or more Sphinx images, the gambler would be able to get free spins. By the way, the previous amount is just 15, but it is possible to raise them up to 180 (their growth depends on gamblers luck and game score – experience and game own game history brings chances to get additional free spins). It means that only passionate game will bring additional chances to get the luck.

Bonus from deposit replenishment

After the very first deposit replenishment, it is possible to get an additional profit – it is + 200 Bonus Spins (it is welcome bonus program). Everything gambler should do is to replenish deposit and right after that bonus will be available. After that, according to the certain platform offers, it is possible to get up to 100% from every replenishment.

Bonuses which not connected with deposit

The highest bonus which is possible to get without deposit replenishment is 15 free spins. Gambler should collect 3 Sphinx or more Sphinxes.

Additional casinos bonuses

All casino players are excited about getting presents which are embodied in the bonuses. For example, some platforms choose this game as the deal of the day – it means that all gamblers will get an additional bonus. In other cases, with a goal to increase the jackpot and public attention, it is possible to find additional rounds and prices.

Let’s talk about deposit

In case if gambler decided to try his luck with real money, it is important to follow next instruction with steps:

  1. Registration and verification. Gambler should create an account with real data (this is an important condition which opens an access to verification). Verification means that gambler should offer to platform service documents to accept payments.
  2. Deposit replenishment. It is possible to use a wide range of payments: it starts from cryptocurrencies and ends with classic credit cards and systems like Qiwi and Paypal. After that, it is possible to start gambling. Interesting! It would be profitable to replenish deposit according to the actual bonuses.
  3. Start gambling. Mobile version has the same rules.

So, Cleopatra Megajackpots is the real opportunity for all adventure adorers to find their luck in the ancient Egypt lands.

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