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Magic relates many of us. In one way or another, we all have at one point in our lives, believed that magic does indeed exist, especially during our childhood. Well, magic-themed online slots serve to give you that childhood feeling that you could do exciting things with magic.  This is, thus, one of the best themes that you will come across, and it has for sure gained a lot of popularity.

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Developers have come to discover that this theme has garnered numerous followers over the years and for that reason, it is hard to find a software developer that does not have at least one magic themed slot. So, in today’s review, we are going to take a look at the magic theme in slot machine games. If you are a fan of mystery, fantasy, spells and all things magic, buckle up!

The Element of Surprise in Magical Themed Slots

One commonly known thing about magic is that unexpected things are likely to occur. Things that you would not have foreseen tend to happen in these reels, and it makes them much more exciting than others. This aspect, to say the least, is what attracts many people, the thrill of not knowing what will occur next and anticipate the outcome. It is a strangely captivating feeling that certainly by the looks of it excites many gamers because the surprise could be that you just landed on a magical payout!

Symbols Offered

The symbols availed to you by these type of hits may vary from one slot to the next, but generally, there are common symbols that are shared amongst many magic themed online slots.  These symbols may include wizards, magicians, wands, cauldrons and magic boxes among other symbols. Furthermore, the best way to know what kind of symbols you should expect in the reels is by looking at the title of the slots.

For instance, in Harry Potter slots, you expect to find broomsticks and wands while in other slots like Merlin and Legend of the Seeker, none of those will be available. However, there will be plenty of similarities in the icons such as spell books and the like. Again, on the similarities, you should also find the classic card game numbers from one to ten as well as the characters such as the joker, king and queen depending on the title.

In Game Features

What makes the magic-themed online slots special are the inbuilt features, to make this theme stand out with a magical ambience. We took the liberty of listing some those features that make this theme stand out. They include:

  • The SoundtrackThe background music on this type of online slots varies depending on the type of story that is adopted by the title. Usually, classic magic themed hits tend to follow a soundtrack that borders on suspense and anxiety, sometimes fear. This serves to make the game more worthwhile as the music, in turn, corresponds with the happenings of the game.Modern typed tend to have more relaxed soundtracks which are not to say that they are any less exciting. That’s because when things get intense, there could be some explosions here and there to signify the working of spells.
  • Graphical InterfaceEverything is brought to life when the symbols, soundtrack and game graphics work hand in hand. The animations are usually out of this world with dark colours doing the trick.  Backgrounds are usually dimly lit to highlight the eerie suspense further that these slots want you to have as you spin the reels. If you take part in the latest titles, you will find a more immersive setting with high resolution that brings much clearer visuals with more detail.

Top Developers for Magic Themed Reels

As stated earlier on in this post, the most prominent developers just had to design games based on magic, witchcraft and wizardry because of popular demand. Of course, that also translates to many customers for their slots. Thus, in this section, we are going to take a look at some of the most innovative providers of slots with magical motifs together with a couple of examples that you could try out to feel the thrill. They are;

  1. PlaytechA big name when it comes to developing online slots, and for sure, it could not miss among this very popular theme.  Some of its best titles under this category include; African Magic, Magical Stacks, Magic Dice, and Frank Dettori’s Magic seven among many other slots
  2. Net EntertainmentAnother well-renowned name in the gaming industry, Net Entertainment assures you a variety of fairylike titles if you are an ardent fan. Some of the finest names that you could try out are such as Fantasini, Magic Portals, Simsalabim and Mythic Maiden.
  3. MicrogamingMicro gaming is also another revolutionary provider when it comes to online gaming as a whole, and in matters of fantasy, it hasn’t been left out. It has a variety of captivating hits that will enchant you from the word go, and they include Chief’s Magic, Double Magic and Magic Boxes among other slots.

Jackpot Titles

There are many fairy-tale themed slots out there, but not all of them come with jackpots. Since we want you to have opportunities to land on some huge wins, here are a few charming reels that could earn you that magical jackpot reward;

  • True IllusionsLaunched by Betsoft this 3D slot offers you a mouthwatering non-progressive jackpot of up to 2500 credits.  All you have to watch out for is the female assistant symbol to earn you this reward. And apart from the jackpot, there are lots of in-game rewards that you will enjoy with every turn.
  • Cash WizardThis is a 30 pay lines and 5 reels online slot produced by a relatively less known provider referred to as Bally technologies. If you are an avid slot gamer, you already know that some of these lesser-known providers are also worth considering. It comes with three progressive jackpots that are accessed via the mystery bonus wheel. How about that?

If you are the kind of player, who prefers going with the crowd because well, numbers never lie, here are the two most popular hits that will get you spellbound with each spin.

  • The Wish MasterProduced by Net Entertainment, this is a worthy title full of mysterious symbols that you need to match to get the gene.  It is the gene that you can earn your bonuses and in-game rewards.
  • CleopatraThis is a 20 payline classic slot by IGT. It has a very attractive bonus which is triggered by 3 or more Sphinx symbols. You are also awarded free spins plus lots of bonuses and an attractive jackpot of 10000 coins. Why don’t you join in on the fun?

Summing it Up

For the true slotheads who want to cast spells and dive into the mysterious abyss of magical slots, we hope that this post does it for you. We have tried, tested and approved all the games mentioned here and without a doubt, you will have a blast with every minute that you spend playing!