Wild Symbol Slots in the UK Casinos 🎖️

Wild symbols are amazing things; they substitute all other symbols and can complete a winning combination. Historically, they are as old as the slot machines themselves. They are the imitation of a joker card in poker and can be used for all other symbols in a slot game, except the other special symbols (scatters, bonus etc.). But substitution is not the only thing they do nowadays – modern video slot games added lots of features to wild symbols.

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Wild Symbol Online Slots Explained

Let’s take a closer look:

Sticky Wilds: Normally, with each spin new symbols are placed on the reels. Sticky wilds are an exception; they stay put in their slots for a number of spins and never disappear. Usually, this feature is activated during bonus rounds in games and does not apply for normal gameplay. Sticky wilds raise your winning odds significantly.

  • Stacked Wilds: As you know, each reel consists of four slots in most of the slot games. Wild symbols with this feature can stack up on one reel for four times, boosting your winnings. Most games also support 5-slot stacking and when all of the slots are filled, the entire reel turns into wild.
  • Expanding Wilds: While this feature is active, wild symbols expand to cover the entire reel they appeared on, turning the whole reel into wild. In some games, each reel can have this feature, especially during the free spins -try the 15 free spins in Queen of the Nile slot machine to increase your chances to get the bonuses. Also, a special animation or clip is played if you achieve this.
  • Jackpot Wilds: As with other symbols, wild symbols also have payout values. These values are significantly higher than the normal symbols, but the most important thing is, you win the jackpot by landing five wild symbols on a pay line. If there is not a jackpot feature in the game, you get the highest pay possible.
  • Multiplier Wilds: In most slot games, wild symbols also act as a multiplier. If a winning combination is completed by a wild symbol, the payout for that combination is doubled. This is a winnings multiplier, not a bet one. So it always ends up with nice amounts, especially during the free spins. This is because that the multiplier values also raise up during the free spins and when combined with the wild multiplier, the total payout becomes a very satisfying amount. Check the Wild Panda with 100 paylines & no deposit bonus – this slot will give you ability to play with free spins & with no deposit bonus.

Wild symbols are used in almost all slot games. It is a simple feature to implement, yet rewarding. So you need to look for slot games with extra wild features – not the ones containing (only) wild symbols.

You can find slot games with the best wild features in this page and play them for free.