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3 reel slots
3 reels slots on this page are demo versions that could be played for free with no download and registration needed. To play for real money you should follow online casinos by the buttons on the website. So why 3 reel slot machines are so popular?  By reducing the number of columns from 5 to 3, as well as the symbols, from 10 to 5, it became simpler to get the jackpot. One of the most popular slot with 3 reels we recommend to play is China Shores slot – try it.

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How to Play 3 Reels Slots

To play 3-reel video slots, you must first adjust your bet per line. Even if the machine only has three reels, it does not mean that it only has one pay line. Some have nine, and some have three. You can change your bet size in the coin value section. Usually, you will find this at the bottom of the screen.

It is rare to have Bet Levels on 3-reel online slots. But if there is, take advantage of it. A bet level refers to the number of coins that you can bet per line. Most slot machines will allow you to bet up to five coins, but there are some that will let you bet ten coins per line.

How to Win

The requirement to win in penny slots is for you to land the same symbols. In slot machines that operate on three reels, you must have three symbols in adjacent positions to win. In a one-pay line game, you need to have three same symbols lined up horizontally. In more complicated fruit machines, you can win if you match the symbols diagonally.

Prizes are typically paid in multiplier values or currency. In a currency value, the pay table will change as you increase or decrease your bet. The amounts you see in the paytable are the exact prizes you will receive if you land the required symbols.

In a multiplier value, the amount in the pay table will be multiplied to your bet per line. For example, if you pay out for landing three cherry symbols is 500, and you bet £1, you will win £500.

Best 3 Reels Slots to Play

The best games are subject to the player’s desires and preferences. But based on reviews, here are some titles that you will enjoy.

  • Break Da Bank – a game from Microgaming. It has no complicated rules. It has bar symbols, dollar signs, and it has a wild.
  • Triple Diamond – the slot machine has nine pay lines. It offers 1199x payout, and it has a symbol that substitutes for all others that also adds a multiplier if used for a winning combination.
  • Alchemist’s Lab – this slot comes from the portfolio of Playtech. It has a bonus round, and you can wager up to three coins per line.

3 Reels Slots Bonuses

Here are some common bonuses that you can expect from fruit machines that run on three reels.

  • Wild – the wild is a symbol that substitutes for other symbols to constitute a win. If you landed two cherries and you are missing one, but a wild symbol lands on the spot where the cherry is supposed to be, then the machine will consider the wild symbol as cherry, and you will win a prize tantamount to that symbol.
  • Scatter – a scatter symbol is one that does not have to land on a specific spot to produce a winning combination. Some Vegas slots that operate on three reels will award free spins if you land the scatter symbols at least once. Some machines pay out money instead of free games.
  • Jackpots – most 3-reel online slots offer jackpot prizes. These are substantial monetary payouts if you successfully land the symbol that has the highest payout. In most classic games, the Lucky 7 is the jackpot symbol. Some slot machines also have progressive jackpots even if they are only operating on three reels.

The Best 3 Reel Slots

On top of the three games mentioned earlier, here are some more that you can choose from:

  • Fire Joker
  • Mega Joker
  • Couch Potato
  • Wheel of Wealth
  • Double Triple Chance

Which Slot Machines Payout Better

When it comes to slot machines, there are two main factors that you need to consider as far as the payout is concerned.

  • Volatility – this is a term used to determine the likelihood of landing winning combinations. Each slot machine has a measurement between Low, Medium, and High volatility. This measurement has something to do with the number of symbols involved in the game. More symbols mean higher volatility than other slots.

It is by far easier to win in 3-reel 3d slots than the five-reel ones. If you are spinning five reels, it means that you need to land symbols in five different areas, and you need to line them up in different spots.

  • RTP – this acronym stands for return-to-player. It is a mathematical calculation expressed in percentage value. It is an indication of how much money the Vegas slots will pay out over the long term. If the RTP is 95%, it means that the slot machine will pay £95 out of every £100 it took as a bet.But beware, this metric does not mean that you will always win 95% of your bets. It is a measurement that applies to all players. So when you lose £100, the machine may give out the £95 to another player.

Why Are 3 Reel Slot Machines Still so Hot on the Market?

  • These simple machines are not only plain in looks, but also in features. There is no complex system with too many Bonus Games, Multipliers, matching ways, etc.
  • They usually come with a small number of paylines (one, three, and five). This, as mentioned, makes it easy for players to track the gameplay.
  • It all comes down to what is happening directly on the columns and how the symbols are matched. This is an advantage since too many machines nowadays have complicated interfaces with all kinds of different ways to trigger level modes, Free Spins, jackpots, and more.
  • Everything is focused on the value of symbols, while usually, three sevens in a line bring a huge jackpot. The adrenaline while waiting to see what the third row will show after expecting the highest price is also what makes these pokies special.
  • They come with classic sounds and the well-known fruity and diamond icons which make players feel safe and wake up the nostalgic feeling.
  • There are never too many settings and options, which makes a clear display for the ones who are playing. AutoPlay is included only in some cases, and those are mostly the machines of newer date.
  • The bets are adjustable, therefore, more options are given to gamesters. Yet again, there are not too many configurations and coin ranges, and the lines are fixed in most cases which is good for beginners.
  • Paytable is often shown next to the columns, so the size of jackpots and symbols is always clearly presented based on your stake.


Here are the advantages of three-reel slots.

  • Low Volatility – most 3-reel games, including free slots, have low volatility. It is easy to win because a lot of them only use fewer than five symbols, and you only need to match three of them in the reels. You will also observe that 3-reel slot machines only have between one and three play lines.
  • Easy Combo – many 3-reel penny slots feature a winning combo that is comprised of different symbols. A typical example is a Bar. Some slot machines have one bar, two bars, and three bars. These machines will pay out if you land any 3-combo of the bar symbol.


Even if winning is easy, there are also disadvantages when playing 3d slots that have three reels.

  • Few Bonuses – most slots in this category do not offer bonus rounds. It is rare for a slot machine in this category to include wilds, scatters, or free spins. The reason behind this is that the operator will not earn enough money if these bonuses are incorporated.
  • Low Payout – since it is easy to win, the prizes are generally small. You should also not expect progressive jackpots when playing a slot game in this category.


Here are some of the most renowned developers of three-reel slot machines, including free slots that you can play on mobile or demo versions.

  • Microgaming
  • Playtech
  • ISoftbet
  • Playson
  • NetEnt

The Evergreen 3 Reel Slots

All kinds of versions of the well familiar “Diamond” game (Double Diamond, Triple Diamond) are preferred among the competition. There are even certain machines coming with both three and five-row interface, such as the Wizard of Oz, Wheel of Fortune, and Monopoly. At the leading online casinos, the favourite 3 reel slot free picks are also Always Hot, Super Lucky Reels, and Ultra Hot Deluxe and Arictocrat’s 50 Lions. You can try them at free-slots-no-download.com/au, where all the machines can be played in a trial version, without download or registration!