£20 Free No Deposit Bonuses 🎖️

When a casino is offering £20 worth of bonus funds for nothing in return, you bite their hand off. No deposit bonuses are an incredibly rare offer that tends to be promoted to new customers, although this type of bonus might be rewarded to loyal or returning customers. They are one of the most desirable types of promotions a casino can run. This is because customers can perceive the £20 no deposit as essentially free money.

What Is a No Deposit Bonus Worth £20?

No deposit casino bonuses are exactly what they say on the tin. A bonus provided by the casino that gives players £20 free without them making a deposit. £20 no deposit, it is that simple. They can appear in a few different forms, although they are most commonly offered as a welcome bonus, where players are rewarded with a 20 no deposit bonus after signing up. Players might see a 20 no deposit bonus offered as part of a promotion that rewards loyal or returning customers. Either way, it is a bonus that doesn’t require players to spend any of their own money or make a deposit in order to enjoy it.

How to Claim a No Deposit £20 Bonus from a Casino?

As mentioned above, no deposit offers tend to be a welcome bonus or a reward for returning customers. Claiming a 20 free no deposit bonus will vary depending on how it is offered.

Welcome Offer

If the no deposit casino bonus is part of a welcome bonus, you will simply need to make an account and opt into the bonus and promotions. During the sign-up procedure, you may be prompted for a bonus code that activates the offer. However, some casinos automatically release the funds as soon as the account creation is completed.

General Promotion

If the offer is available for existing customers, the method of redemption will be different. You will likely have to enter a code that will give you access to the games bonus. The code is usually included in the promotional material that advertises the offer. You might see it as a banner ad on online casino sites, or you might receive an email about the offer that also contains the code. The casino may randomly award no deposit bonuses to loyal customers without warning, and in this case, it will appear in your bonus funds.

Phoning the Casino

Another method of acquiring a 20 pounds free no deposit bonus is by reaching out to the casino’s support team and requesting the bonus there. Making this request by phone might reap better luck than by email.

Why Do UK Casinos Offer a £20 No Deposit Bonus?

In 2022 there are several reasons that online casinos might advertise bonus offers, or more specifically, no deposit offers, but they are mostly concerned with attracting new customers or driving more traffic to the website.

As a customer, if you are deciding between two relatively similar casinos, but one has £20 no deposit bonuses, and the other does not, it is common sense to opt for the one with the promotion. This could also apply if the other casino is offering a deposit match bonus. Customers will be more drawn in by the casino bonus that doesn’t require a deposit than the one that does. This is one obvious reason why a casino bonus might be no deposit required.


No deposit bonus offers might also be employed to retain a customer. If someone is considering leaving an online casino or deregistering their account, they might encounter a no deposit bonus offer during the cancellation process. This might delay their cancellation or even stop it altogether.


This same ethos can be applied to inactive accounts. If the administration of the casino has noticed that a customer hasn’t played with their online casino for a while, they might receive an email containing a no deposit offer. This will encourage them to engage with the website again and start playing.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Using 20 No Deposit Bonus Funds?

It cannot be denied that a £20 free no deposit casino is an attractive prospect. Anywhere offering a free bonus will attract customers. However, it is not all rosy; there are some disadvantages to consider. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of a no deposit required bonus.


  • It is a £20 free no deposit – you do not have to sacrifice your own money to access £20 free bonus funds for use in the casino.
  • £20 free no deposit gives you the chance to try out casino games that you’ve always been intrigued by but have never dared to try. Check out their live games and table games without spending a penny. If you try out the slot games, the funds could be used as 20 free spins.
  • This type of casino bonus also provides a good chance to try out a completely new free no deposit casino.


  • Wagering requirements – meeting extensive playthrough requirements could mean that access to your bonus winnings is delayed.
  • Free no deposit bonuses tend to come with a limit on the bonus winnings. This could be a limit on the number of wins permitted with the bonus funds or a limit on the amount of money you can win.

How Do I Withdraw My Winnings?

Withdrawing your winnings from a 20 free no deposit casino will generally be the same as any other. How much is advertised in your account and how much you can withdraw will depend on the type of bonus the 20 free no deposit casino provides, especially whether it is a cashable or non-cashable bonus.

Non-Cashable Bonuses

These are also known as sticky bonuses because they stick to the casino when it comes to withdrawal. They exist to increase the playing bankroll of a player so they can use larger stakes. With a £20 free no deposit non-cashable bonus, if your account shows £50, only £30 can be withdrawn as cash. The £20 free no deposit will stay with the casino. Non-cashable or sticky bonuses are normally of higher value than cashable ones but tend to come with more wagering requirements.

Cashable Bonuses

After playthrough requirements have been met, these bonuses become part of your withdrawable balance. They tend to have a lower value than sticky bonuses but tend to have fewer playthrough requirements, which can ultimately increase their value.


Although there might be some specific differences in the process, here is a general guide for withdrawing winnings from your account.

  1. Navigate to the banking/payment section of your account.
  2. Click on the withdraw button/link.
  3. Choose your method of withdrawal.
  4. Enter an amount.
  5. Click withdraw/confirm to complete.

Can I Use My 20 Free No Deposit Casino Bonus on Any Game?

When playing with a no deposit required bonus, it would be highly unusual for the free no deposit casino to restrict the use of the funds to one game. This is much more common with an offer like 20 free spins. However, a no deposit offer is more far-reaching than bonus spins. A £20 no deposit offer might be restricted to games from one particular provider due to a business relationship between them and the casino. In 2022, these casino offers that involve a particular developer are becoming more and more common.

Terms and Conditions of UK Cash Bonuses

Although you don’t need to stump up any of your own cash, a no deposit bonus UK comes with some strings attached. Naturally, there are terms and conditions that you should look through. These will help you understand everything required to use the bonus and help to ensure you play responsibly. Some common points in the fine print of bonuses for UK players are:

  • Wagering requirements: These require players to bet or wager on the games bonus a certain amount of times before they become withdrawable as winnings.
  • Max bet limit: Although you have been given £20 to spend, it is unlikely that you can use it all in one go. There is more likely a limit on how much can be staked at one time. This condition will definitely apply to no deposit casino slots, which will probably restrict your bet limit to the minimum stake.
  • Winning cap: This was mentioned above, and essentially, casinos might specify in the fine print that there is a limit on how much money can be won or how many times you can win.
  • Maximum withdrawal: This could be tied to a sticky casino bonus, but also, a 20 free no deposit casino might restrict how much can be withdrawn in one go.
  • Time-related limit: This could be a limit on how long the casino bonus is available or it might be a deadline on when wagering requirements need to be completed by.
  • Payment method verification: In relation to a no deposit casino offer casinos don’t want to give out £20 free no deposit when you never intend to deposit. Verifying a payment method indicates the future intention to make a deposit.
  • Limitations on the selection of games: No deposit offers are sometimes restricted to games from one particular provider. It is unlikely that it will be restricted to one particular game, which might happen with 20 free spins.

In What Amounts Do Cash Bonuses Commonly Appear?

A no deposit offer can come in many shapes and sizes. Nowadays, in 2022, no deposit offers tend to come in £5, £10, or £20 amounts. When offered as a welcome bonus, they can sometimes be as high as £50 or £100. 2022 is also a year that will see a huge cost of living rise for UK players, and often luxuries like gambling are the first to be cut out of the budget. As the gambling population of the UK starts to dwindle significantly, we might see some incredible and enticing promotions start to appear.


Can I Use a £20 Free Bonus More than Once?

No, a £20 free no deposit casino is unlikely to give you this bonus more than once. This treatment is likely reserved for very loyal customers. Meeting wagering requirements will see you use bonuses more than once, but not as risk-free.

Why Are Free £20 No Deposit Casino Bonuses Rare?

Casinos are a business, and so they need to make money to continue to operate. Handing out a free no deposit offer will attract customers, especially as a welcome bonus that only requires players to sign-up to redeem.

Can I Win Real Money with This Bonus?

Yes, after meeting all of the wagering and playthrough requirements, any bonus winnings you have left are available for you to withdraw as real money.

Is It Possible to Withdraw the £20 Free Cash Bonus?

No, you will not be able to withdraw the bonus funds as cash until they have been used and you have met all of the terms and conditions, including wagering or playthrough requirements.