Despite acquiring their wealth through criminal activities, most of us will admit having at some point craved the luxurious life that comes with being a mafia boss. Living such a life comes with access to an exquisite lifestyle and a badass attitude from dancing with danger to acquire it. The casino industry has not slacked in the production of sot games that portray this kind of life seeing that it comes with many riches. In this piece, we dive into some of the slots based on this theme that have managed to top the popularity charts and what gamers can expect to find in them.

Mafia Themed Slot Aspects

Since mafia slots have different software companies behind their development, they vary from one to the next. However, there are some features that one is bound to spot in a couple of them. To begin with, mafia slots have been known to feature graphics that are bright, and the detail is precise. This is done to take the player into the classic world when mafia bosses ruled the streets, which cannot be said for modern times. Other features that are associated with this theme’s vibes include:

  • Mafia members. Mafias operate like cartels, which means that a couple of members are involved with the running of the illicit business. Therefore, most slots will depict a couple members of the mafia, with one being placed as the boss.
  • Cigars. Cigars are to mafia bosses what apple pie is to America. Therefore, it is no surprise that they would be featured as an aspect of slots surrounding this theme. It is said that most mafia bosses used these tools as a way to relieve stress after a long day of criminal activities.
  • Guns. When most people think crime, guns are among the first things to pop in their head. In most mafia themed slots, firearms are featured as icons on the reels or as an addition to the background.
  • Pricey cars and wealth. It is no secret that mafia crime pays, and it pays very well. Therefore, mafia members are known to have some of the most luxurious lifestyles that most of us can only envy. They have the latest cars lined up at their beck and call, which is why they are used as an aspect in this theme. These slots also feature big mansions and the best in life that can be bought using mafia money.
  • Beautiful ladies. Most mafia members are known to walk around with beautiful women in their arms, hence their inclusion in most of the slot games.
  • Moneybags. The mafia is known to cash in a lot of money from their illegal activities, so it is only right that bags full of money are included on the reels.

Included Bonuses

Most of the bonus features that are included in mafia themed slots carry a lot of similarity to those of other slots. Some software developers can develop special bonuses that are linked to their brand, but there are some that one is bound to run into in most of the slots. Some of them include:

  • Multipliers. This bonus does as suggested by its title; once it is acquired, the player has their wager multiplied by the number acquired. For instance, a five times multiplier will reward the player with fifty dollars for a ten dollar wager.
  • Bonus game. This is a mini-game that is included within the main game. It is mostly triggered by matching three or more bonus icons. It carries within it other bonuses such as free spins and multipliers.
  • Free Spins. These bonuses allow the player to spin the reels for free without having to place a wager.

Mafia Slot Developers

Being such a popular theme has inspired most online gaming software provider to take up the production of these games, some of them being:

  1. NextGen Gaming;
  2. Amatic Industries;
  3. Microgaming;
  4. Booming Games;
  5. Williams Interactive;
  6. B3W Group;
  7. 1×2 Gaming, etc.;

Some of the slots under this theme that have managed to snub large followings include:

  • Dogfather;
  • The Codfather;
  • The Slotfather;
  • Gangster Gamblers;
  • John Doe;
  • The Amsterdam Masterplan;
  • Welcome to Fort Knox;
  • Crime Pays;
  • Gangster Slots;

Some of the slots in this category carry among the biggest jackpots in the gambling business. Some of them include Mobster Lobster by Genesis Gaming and Reel Gangsters.


Theme slot machine games can be played in two ways: for free or real money. The choice will depend on the preference of the gambler. Most sites make both of these options available in download and no download mode. The former has to be downloaded from mobile stores such as Apple Store, Windows Store, and Google Play Store. The latter, on the other hand, requires one to be connected to the wide web. Players should be keen when selecting the casino to engage these slots in to avoid being victims of fraudulent activities.