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Hero slot games

Everyone loves heroes. In fact, most of us have grown up watching and glorifying these peacemaking icons. Some of them like Bat Man, Super Man, and Captain America have become household names in both homes as well as casinos. Our favorite gaming companies have gone ahead to ensure that we continue to have a taste of the hero experience away from our TV screens. Find out how in this review.

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Definition of Hero Slots

Hero Slots are games created with the themes of popular heroes that we have known since childhood. Most of these slots are based on cartoon heroes, but there are also a substantial number of them that are picked from our favorite comic books.

Gaming Symbols

Every game has these icons that are the core elements in a set. However, superhero slots are unique when it comes to the production of these icons. Unlike in other classic sets, each game has different symbols that resonate with each game. A majority of the times, you will discover that the symbols are images of the heroes’ weapons or features that are striking and very dominant in the TV series. Some of the symbols available in these slot games are:

  • Wild Icons – They can replace any other symbol in the game to make a combination complete. The only figure that cannot be replaced is the scatter.
  • Scatters – These can range from the regular ones to the special expanding scatter figures.
  • Progressive jackpots – One of the most impressive features is the progressive jackpot. Depending on the kind of game, you will find that one jackpot can be linked to at least three other slots of its kind. For instance, Bat Man variation games will be pooled together to form a highly prized jackpot.
  • Game Modes – In games that are themed after comics that take place on earth and in the outer space, you will find that they have two or more modes. This gives you an option of choosing between the provided options or taking both. Such a provision creates a different environment than what gamers are accustomed to: thus, making one feel as though they are playing two games while in essence, it is just one.

Game Features

Aside from the symbols, other features within the games heighten the playing experience. These are usually triggered by the special symbols mentioned above. However, the icons have to fall on the correct reels for any of the extra gaming features to be accorded to the deserving persons. Some of the additional features are:

  • Free spins – You can receive extra chances to spin the reels in either the base game or the bonus rounds. Most of the time, the logos have to appear in specific lines. However, this option is not standard for all sets. Some slots only need you to land the specified number of icons anywhere on the screen, and you will receive the freebies.
  • Bonus Rounds – These are extra turns that players get after the game ends whether or not they win. The gaming round is triggered once the base game is over.
  • Multipliers – One of the most important features in hero slots is the multiplier. This feature will multiply almost any other gaming element like coins, spins, and points. Depending on the kind of combination you acquire on the screen, you can receive anything from X2 to X5000 or even more on the games.

Hero Slots Developers

These slots account for the most played games online. For this reason, gaming companies inject so much money in creating unique machines that have a resemblance to the characters. Some of the top companies that have created award-winning games include Playtech, NetEnt, Microgaming, IGT, Betsoft, NextGen, Novomatic, and Aristocrat among many others.

Jackpot Slots

Playing jackpot machines is not only entertaining but also rewarding when you make a win. Each game will have a different amount of cash to be won depending on what the casino sets. Some of the most loved hero jackpot games include:

  • Blade;
  • X-Men;
  • The Punisher;
  • Geisha Story, and many others.;

As much there are thousands of heroic slots that are interesting to play, a few have caught the attention of gamblers online. This is evident in the number of times these games are played in a day by online betting enthusiasts. Some of them are:

  • Bat Man;
  • The Incredible Hulk;
  • Superman;
  • Thor;
  • Iron Man;
  • Captain America;
  • Man of Steel;
  • The Dark Knight Rises, etc.;

In Brief

It is evident that superheroes are not about to be evicted from our entertainment gadgets. Not only can you play the sets online using a PC, but you can also follow up on your best game on your mobile gadget if you download it or search for it using the provided URL provided. More so, these sets are available to play for free or money.