How to Win Bingo

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December 30, 2020

How to Win Bingo


If you are looking for the best ways to win at bingo, then you have come to the right place. Bingo has remained to be one of the most popular games of chance in the world today. It is thought to have originated from the Italian lottery called ‘Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia’ in 1530. Since then, it spread across France, Britain, and the US, where it is believed it became the game we all love today.

One interesting fact is that bingo gained its name from Edwin S. Lowe. He observed a game called Beano. And whenever a player won, Lowe would shout ‘Bingo!’

But far from that, bingo has grown over the years with the game going online, thanks to the developing tech industry. In 2005, companies opened up bingo halls every week in Britain, but over time, these halls started closing since most people preferred playing online, thanks to the flexibility and freedom. Most players then shifted from searching on how to win at bingo halls to winning online.

While online bingo and regular bingo might hold several basic similarities, there are a few distinctions. For instance, playing bingo online is not only just fun but also way more convenient.

On the other hand, regular bingo typically occurs at specified times and places, which means your gaming fun is limited. But thankfully, playing bingo online can be done anywhere and anytime from across your mobile and desktop devices.

How to Win in Bingo: Your Clear Guide

In the United States, Bingo is a game of chance in which each player matches numbers printed in different arrangements on cards with the numbers the game host (caller) draws at random, marking the selected numbers with tiles. When a player finds the selected numbers are arranged on their card in a row, they call out “Bingo!” to alert all participants to a winning card, which prompts the game host (or an associate assisting the host) to examine the card for verification of the win. Players compete against one another to be the first to have a winning arrangement for the prize or jackpot. After a winner is declared, the players clear their number cards of the tiles and the game host begins a new round of play.


Bingo is a straightforward game to comprehend, but winning can be quite tiresome, especially if you are slow. But here are a few bingo tips and tricks to help augment your chances of winning:

Be Aware of Rules

You must be aware of the rules whether you are playing bingo online or in a land-based bingo hall. This will help you understand what you need to do to win.

So how does one play to win bingo? It is simple! If you are playing in a hall and you get the bingo card pattern correct, you need to shout ‘Bingo!’ loud enough. The assistant caller will then walk toward you and verify it. If two people call on the same number, then the jackpot is divided between them.

But other than that, there are other standard rules you should be aware of:

  1. You must be 18 years or above to play bingo online or in a hall.
  2. In regular bingo, you can cross the winning bingo card in three ways: one line, two lines, or a full house (all numbers are crossed).
  3. However, in online bingo, the system will cross the numbers for you.
  4. Do not assume that rules will be the same in every casino. Each bingo site tends to come up with its own rules.
  5. Familiarize yourself with bingo lingo.
  6. There are no best bingo numbers to play with since the game relies purely on chance.
  7. You can get as many cards as you want online. This increases your odds of winning, plus the Auto Dab feature means you do not have to worry about keeping up, unlike in real bingo halls.
  8. Make your own rules. For instance, are you playing bingo as a hobby or trying to make a profit? Whichever way, make sure you are spending your bankroll wisely.

Choose the Most Attractive Bingo Offers

So you want to know how to win at online bingo without risking too much of your money? Well, you can go for the incredible deals given by bingo sites. As a result, you will get a chance to play for more extended periods without breaking your bank.

Most bingo players are turning to online bingo because the latter offers extra value, which comes from the many bonuses and promotions.

Thus, one of the practical and different ways to win bingo online is grabbing the most attractive deals. These bonuses come in different types and sizes and are awarded to both new and regular players. Such popular deals include No deposit bonus, sign-up bonus, reload, and cashback bonus. So you can be sure to be spoilt for choice even as a bingo player.

Besides, you do not have to make considerable investments to get offers. Most bingo sites require the player to deposit as little as $5-$10 to receive the bonus. Some of the most attractive deals we have ever seen were ranging from $1,500 and up to $3,000 free bonus. You have to do your research pretty well to find sites like this.

Play Only on the Most Trustworthy Bingo Sites

Some gambling sites are run by con men who promise you Utopia when you play on their sites. Other platforms are so messy that it might be hard for you to find your way around or locate your winnings.

That is why if you want to win money playing bingo online, then you have to make sure the site you choose is legit. You can confirm this by checking if the casino holds a proper license from reputable regulatory authorities.

Besides, you can check different reviews online and what other players have commented about the site. We always advise you to stay away from platforms with a lousy reputation and tend to keep their customers dissatisfied.

Look for Bingo Tournaments with Huge Prize Pools

Sometimes, players tend to get bored with traditional bingo games. As a result, operators hold tournaments to try spicing things up for their customers.

Bingo tournaments are now a common thing at online bingo sites. Its jackpot prizes are usually larger than those of the regular game are. Besides, bingo tournaments are easy to play and contain a series of games. All you have to do is to collect the most points during the competition to win.

It is worth mentioning that the jackpot size depends on how many players have participated in the event and the cards’ price. However, the jackpot is known to reach seven figures, with the highest ever recorded amount being $5.9 million. So if you are looking forward to trying your luck and

big bingo winnings, then consider tournaments with massive prize pools.

Develop Your Strategy by Playing Free Bingo

As they say, practice makes perfect. Even though bingo is a game of chance, you should try to boost your luck with a few strategies. One of the ways you can do so is by playing free bingo.

By playing bingo for free, you will get a chance to familiarize yourself with the game, learn the rules, and understand the different patterns. By doing so, you can develop your online bingo strategy for when you play the game for real cash.

Besides, the good thing about playing bingo for free is that you get to have fun without worrying about your money.

Try Participation in Several Bingo Games in a Row

Like every game out there, bingo too comes in different varieties. There are three dissimilar types of online bingo: 75-ball, 80-ball, and 90-ball.

  • 75-ball comes with a 5×5 grid, which contains 24 numbers. It also has an additional space, which is left blank.
  • 80-ball comes with a 4x layout with 16 squares.
  • 90-ball has three rows and nine lucky numbers bingo. Thus, the total number of spaces is 27, although 15 are left empty.

Note that the more you become versatile in all of these games, the better your winning odds.

Fewer Players in the Game – Better Chances

Unless it is a bingo tournament, you should consider a game with fewer players. This will limit your competition and allow you to keep up with the caller and hit ‘Bingo’ faster than the rest. Additionally, fewer players in the game mean that you will get to keep the entire jackpot prize to yourself if you won and there was no tie.


Put merely; bingo is gambling. Yes, you might need a significant portion of luck to emerge the winner. But you can also prop your chances to win real money playing bingo with a few strategies. Nevertheless, most importantly, remember to play responsibly and keep it fun first, then winning comes second.

We hope that our guide on how to win at bingo every time was helpful, and you’re ready to start playing!


Is Playing Online Bingo Safe?

Yes, but it is only safe if you are playing in a trustworthy and licensed site. Always make sure to choose gambling sites that display their licensed details openly.

How Much Do Bingo Cards Cost Online?

This depends on the game you have chosen or the platform. However, most cards cost between 1p and 10p.

Can I Play Online Bingo on Mobile?

Of course! But this will vary from one site to the other. Just make sure you check whether your preferable bingo site offers a mobile version. Besides, you do not need to download any software to enjoy bingo on your mobile device.

Is Bingo Legal to Play Online?

Yes, it is legal provided that online gambling is officially permitted from where you reside. Ensure you check whether your country allows it or not before playing.

Does Every Bingo Player Have Equal Chances of Winning?

That depends on the number of cards you are using. Having more cards is believed to give the player the best chances of winning since you will have more numbers to daub. Thus, if all the players have as many cards as you, then their odds increase too.