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Without a doubt, slot machines come in all varieties, shapes, and sizes, running the gamut from the classic three-wheeled games to the phenomenal themed video slots. While the fundamental concepts behind partaking in these games remain constant regardless of whether or not you are using reeled or video machines, there are essential variations between the two. Nonetheless, each has something great to offer players, and whichever they pin down is solely upon their preferences. With that said, we shall delve into the key aspects that every gambler ought to know, as well as the major differences between video machines and the classic slots.

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A Brief History

For a fact, there is astronomically high growth of casino gameplay options, since they came about towards the end of the 19th century. In the current era, these video gaming alternatives have immense popularity, among all types of people, given that there is a profusion of variants to select. Furthermore, the advent of these machines had a massive effect on the wagering sector, as they altered the traditional gameplay, and paved the way for video machines which did not require coins to get started. Thus, this also led to the renowned web-based betting that we have today.

In the year 1975, a man called Walt Fraley created one of the modern-day casino machines which still exist to date. Bearing the title of Fortune Coin, it received a ton of skepticism at first and only attained prominence in the late 1980’s when Video Poker became a preferred option among an abundance of bettors.

With the advent of technology in the following decades, the evolution of Video wagering games took place, and as we speak, the abundance of live and web-based slot games contain high-resolution videos, animated imagery, and so much more, which introduce a storyline to the theme of the machine. As a result, this has greatly assisted these types of slots in being the most popular-played in Internet casinos.

While they may vary from the conventional betting machines in a profusion of ways, the setup, more often than not, exudes striking similarities. For instance, there is a Random Number Generator (RNG) which selects a pattern sequence corresponding to specific icon combinations. Secondly, there is the emulation the rotating wheels and cashouts, based on the imagery which stops on particular pay lines. With captivating, and highly-addictive themes alongside realistic graphics, it is indeed hard to confuse reel or simple slots, for the video gambling options.


Plethoras of gamblers who score substantial winnings can attest to the fact that for the acquisition of the highest possible cashout, you require placing the highest Stake level, since it is in doing so, that you will attain eligibility for walking away with the grand prize.

Nevertheless, as opposed to getting the wheels rotating, which in most cases, have a smaller, maximum number of wagers which participants can place, video machines with a multitude of pay lines, tend to have maximum bets which fall in the category of hundreds of coins.

As such, while the usual reimbursement incentive is to bet the highest number of credits when partaking in Video Machines, it is quite the contrary. In a nutshell, this means that the payout percentage (RTP) is constant irrespective of the number of coins you choose to bet. Moreover, a myriad of these slots accept credits whose denominations are lower (nickels or pennies) than the classic reel machines.


There are countless variations of Video Machines, and the differences in each lie in the themes, bonuses, and promotions, and number of pay lines. However, the existent common factor in all of them is that they all incorporate software which generates winning sequences in a sporadic manner, alongside the virtual spinning reels serving as an emulation of those found in the land-based casino games.

Below are the elements which constitute all Video Slot Games in which players choose to relish.

  • Reels– They range between three, and five in total, but some gameplay alternatives may have a total of ten.
  • Rows – The number of rows of icons which have visibility when the moving wheels come to a halt tends to differ among the slot games. Depending on the option you select and indulge in, these rows may bear additional pay lines, or depict how narrowly a gambler misses a cashout.
  • Pay lines – Video Machines have a provision for innumerable lines for bettors. Beyond the commonly-found horizontal line, these games may contain extra lines other patterns running the gamut from a V, Z, Scatters, and V’s which are upside-down. Furthermore, if you stumble upon those with a cornucopia of pay lines, it is indeed in your best interest to wager on all of them, hence increasing your possible payout.
  • Progressive Jackpots – If you run into alternatives containing Progressive grand prizes, this automatically means that the value of the top reward increases with each round of playing and unsuccessful winning. Players thereby have the incentive of gambling the highest amount of credits.
  • Auto-Start – It is an icon which saves bettors the monotony of continuously selecting “Start,” to get the reels continuously in motion.
  • The Gamble Feature – It is synonymous with the Risk Game, whereby players require pinning down the color of a hidden card (red or black) with the goal of doubling their winnings.

Traditional versus Video Slot Machines

They generally have one to a maximum of ten pay lines.They feature twenty to as much as one thousand lines. In some instances, participants may encounter those with 1043 ways of winning.
They lack the prominent Free Spins, as well as other promotional rounds, for instance, Wilds and Scatter icons.They offer participants an array of interactive bonus features, re-spins, unique themed offers, and frozen reels, to mention a few.
They exude simplicity, concerning the outlook (graphics and sound effects), and do not offer a nostalgic gaming encounter.Their themes incorporate the various aspects, such as realistic animations, some of which are in 3D, and film sequels, and so much more.
They mimic the regular brick and mortar games found in gambling parlors.They are modern, strictly online, incorporating state-of-the-art graphics, and musical effects.


It is quite evident that claiming a specific type of casino machine is superior over another is a rather inaccurate way of describing these games. Thus, we can safely say that it all boils down to the type of personality you have, the kind of options which tickle your fancy, and your tone or mood for the day.

For example, if you are seeking a strict Slot containing the possibility of profitable cash prizes, lining up the symbols, then the Classic games are an ideal choice. On the other hand, players who have a preference for a more immersive gaming encounter comprising of several-layered rounds, remarkable interactivity, not to mention the top of the range graphics, then Video Slots (as discussed above) would appeal more to them.

Nonetheless, it does not mean that both of them have mutual exclusivity, with variety being the spice of life, and web-based wagering platforms offering an assortment of games from which you can make a selection, anytime, and any day. Hence, regardless of the option you choose, having fun and scoring some wins is the ultimate goal.

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