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A Slot machine also known as a fruit machine in the United Kingdom is the one having three or more spinning reels. When a button or lever is pressed, they rotate, and each of the reels stops with a specific symbol on display. A win is achieved when you land on matching symbols once all the reels stop. Slot machines are characterized by the following features:

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  • A typical slot machine has paylines. A payline is a line that crosses through a symbol on each and every reel along which the evaluation of a winning combination is taken. Paylines can be of various shapes, such as horizontal, vertical, diagonal, and even zigzag.
  • They have bonus features which may include free spins and multipliers that can increase a payout.
  • They are characterized by Scatter and Wild symbols. The Scatter symbols are the key to unlocking other bonuses in the game while Wild symbols are similar to the Joker card in a card game. They substitute for all other game symbols.
  • They have theoretical Hold worksheet. This is a document that is provided by the casino which reveals the amount the Slot should hold in percentage based on the amount that is paid to the players.
  • How Do the Reels Differ from Other Games?

    There are several differences between online Slots and other casino games. Some of the most conspicuous are:

  • The reels don’t have complex rules like other games such as Blackjack and Poker.
  • The result is simple to comprehend, just wait for the winning combination, and that’s it.
  • Results are based on an RNG unlike other games where the game changes depending on how you play.
  • Brief History

    The term “slot machine” is derived from the slots for inserting and retrieving coins. It was originally invented by Sittman and Pitt of Brooklyn New York in the United States of America. It resembled the modern slot machine since players would insert a nickel and pull a lever. However, this machine had too many chances of winning, so Charles Fey came with a mechanism of payout similar to modern slot machines.

    How to Win at Slot Machines

    This particular game is pretty different from other casino games since it comes with some particular features that can increase the winning chances of the gambler. Unlike most of the betting games available today, you don’t require any skill to take part in the Fruit machine action. The game is activated by either pulling a lever (in the case of a land-based casino) or pressing a button (for online casinos), and the reels will begin to spin.

    What Are the Chances of Winning This Game in the United Kingdom?

    As you know by now, these games run on RNGs (Random Number Generators) to keep them fair and unbiased. Therefore, the winning combination is randomly determined. You must also understand that some slots pay better than others depending on a couple of factors.

    These winning odds hinge on a few things such as the number of reels involved as well as the kind symbols that the game has. Additionally, your winning chances will also depend on how many paylines you will be able to activate while playing. Mathematically, slot machines with more paylines and more reels offer more chances of winning since they offer more winning combinations. As such, you have to calculate based on the above principle to get the odds of winning.

    So, basically, for your chances of winning to increase you have to increase the number of paylines you are using Furthermore, you are better off playing in a machine that has many reels as this will also boost your chances of winning.

    Bonuses and Bonus Symbols

    As you play the game, the bonuses usually depend on the casino itself and the game that you are playing. Some of the casino bonuses that you may get for slot machines include:

    • Free spin offers that usually come with selected games
    • No deposit bonus offers
    • Comp points can also be rewarded for every reel that you spin at a UK casino
    • When it comes to bonus symbols in the game, not all games will have them. And when bonus symbols are available, they will vary in payout quantity from one machine to another. They could earn you some hefty multipliers on your payout or even jackpots if they are available in the game

      Minimal and Maximal Bets

      Depending on the game the minimum bet could range from a couple of pence to £1. The maximal bets ranges from few hundred pounds to thousands depending on the game and the casino as well. Quick bets are also there and are always minimal.

      One of the most encouraging features of a lot of Slot machines is that there is free play option where you can practice first before you move on to the real money option.

      Since no experience is needed for you to take part in playing this game, you can even start having some fun right away. However, be warned that you should not succumb to emotions and never try to recoup after a constant losing streak. It’s just a game after all, and when things don’t go your way, you should take a break. In addition, you should ensure that all bets are distributed evenly to increase your chances of winning big when you play.

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