The reels are, simply put, vertical sections on a slot machine set into motion when you press or pull the lever – in other words, they start to spin. Each reel has a different number of columns (slots) on them, and the symbols do appear inside of these columns.

Basically, to get paid in a slot game, you need to match at least three same symbols on these slots between the reels. This combination should also happen on a pay line. Simple, eh? The number of reels and slots in them differs to the type of the slot game you are playing. Let’s give some examples.

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3 Reel Slots: This category consists of “old-school” type of slot games. They are also known as “fruit slots”. They are the simplest form of slots; there are three reels and three slots in each reel. Usually, there is only one pay line and it is a horizontal line which passes through the middle slots. If you manage to land three symbols in those slots (sometimes two is enough too) you get paid. 3 reel slots are also the “cheapest” category to play. Since there is only one pay line, your bet per spin costs stays the same and change between 1 or 3 coins. Winning odds of the 3 reel slots are lower when compared to video slots; but when you win, the payouts are significantly higher. They have a very simple ruleset which you can become a “pro” in after 10 minutes. 3 reel slots game also do not have the bonus features and special symbols that video slot games use. Always play with the maximum bet level while playing 3 reel slots games.

5 Reel Slots: These are the “modern” slot games, known also as “video slots”. There are five reels in them and each reel has five slots. Their pay line numbers are unbelievable when compared to 3 reel slots games. An ordinary 5 reel slots game can have as high as 243 pay lines. That is because zig-zag patterns are also used as pay lines too – you can combine those slots in some very creative ways. Mathematically, your winning odds are higher than the 3 reel slots games. But payout amounts are lower and the cost of bet per line can be very expensive. To give an example, let’s say you are playing a video slot game with 9 pay lines. You can only win in one of those lines – that means you lose for the remaining eight. 5 reel slots games contain advanced graphics, special symbols and interesting bonus rounds too. Always watch out how many pay lines you bet on, otherwise, 5 reel slots can become very “expensive to play”, even if you win.

You can find 3 reel and 5 reel slots game in this page and play them for free – it won’t cost you a dime.

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