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IMG is very well known in the slot machine market due to the production of quality slot games. Today we will talk about one of them. It’s about the slot game Noah’s Ark.

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Scatter symbol

The symbol of dispersion is presented in the form of a dove. This is not the logo of the slot, as many mistakenly believe. Also during the game process, you can notice that many symbols contain an image with two kinds of animals. Symbols of this type are necessary for the formation of winning combinations. For the appearance of such combinations, two animals in the image will be added together with another one. It is the three animals that will later affect the appearance of such a combination. Five or six scatterings will appear in the process when you start the game reels. As a result, it will be possible to receive as a reward free spins in the amount of 10 pieces. It is possible to get more free attempts during the game. Everything will depend on the number of such combos.


The game block consists of five reels, which are placed in three consecutive rows. Each such series contains symbols in a random order. When you start each game round, they will change their location until the winning combination appears. Rotation can be made until the money runs out. Well, or until there are free game attempts. Of course, this gameplay is accompanied by high-quality animation effects and a characteristic soundtrack.

Graphic features and animation

Graphics in the game slot is quite rich and bright. You can say, even a little childish and cartoonish. For each animal, which takes part in the victory, there is an individual individual animation effect. This occurs simultaneously in conjunction with a simple audio overlay. Even symbols with playing cards differ in the characteristic sound effect of “boing”. This causes the player some sense of lightness and carelessness.

Unpredictability and excitement is added by the fact that at the start of each game round it is not known how many animals will participate in each victory. The manufacturing company also envisaged this aspect, including text under each of the reels, in which such quantity is displayed. For example, “6 Camel Win”. The soundtrack changes in a range from standard elementary sounds to a cheerful and solemn entertaining melody. Moving animals with colorful animation effects also add a special flavor and are able to make people laugh and liberate the participant in the game process.

Wild Symbol

To achieve victory in this slot is not so easy. The chance to get a winning combination varies from three to ten and is distributed to one winning line. The biggest prize is 10,000 characters for one bet. This can be achieved by activating the five symbols of the ark on the win-line. These are wild symbols that replace characters with animals. Receiving the wild part in the process of winning such a row is credited as a double animal. Thus, you will have the opportunity to obtain seven or more types for larger and larger payments.

There are different animals for the rain soaked bonus round – first of all here are the top payouts for the drypart of the game. Lions are the biggest prize animal, paying 2500 times your line bet for 10 of a kind, 1000 for 9, 500 for 8 all the way down to 10x for just 3. The other animals all have the same payouts, with 1000 for 10, 800 for 9, 500 for 8 all the way down to 10 for just 3. These are the hippo, elephant, camel andturtle. There are also the brightly colored playing card symbols. These only come one at a time, and have a top payout of 200 times your line bet for 5 of the aces.

The symbol in the form of a dove and free rotation

Of particular importance is the symbol with a dove (holding an olive branch). This symbol is required to call from five to ten free spins. Five rotations are given for 5+ pigeons, and ten rotations fall out when such an amount is 10+. If you drop four pigeons on the screen, you will not be able to access free spins, but the multiplier of your bet as a money prize will be multiplied by two.

Running free spins will be accompanied by a characteristic animation effect: the game screen will display a picture in the form of a thunderstorm against the background of an ark floating past. This will replace the element with a strong shower image. Each time the reels stop, umbrellas will be released and the active panel will show which winning bonus has been credited.

These reels display different animals with free spins. An animal in the form of a giraffe for a bet multiplied by five will stand at 2500. Other animals will be presented in the form of a ram, a zebra and a bird, and a very funny crocodile with a mad face. They will have the same degree of winnings. From 1000 for 10 species to 10 times your line bet on 3 of its kind.

Victory, which will accumulate in a free circle, is not consumable. It will accumulate and display as a number below the level of reels. Thus, the so-called “big victory” will be activated. This will happen at the end of free attempts and return to the main game menu.

Distributed symbol function

The special function in the slot is the function of distributed symbols. The principle of its action is difficult to predict. Such distribution occurs in a random order, but ultimately affects the receipt of winning and bonus combinations. The best way for a player of any level (from beginner to professional) is to try out the slot for yourself.

Highest Payout

The most profitable in the game can be safely considered the symbol of Noah’s Ark. This is not just a wild symbol. When you place five of these symbols on one winning line, you get a huge number of coins. It is 10,000. Players are given the opportunity to select up to thirty bonus lines with a bet from $ 0.1 to $ 10. The higher the rate, the higher the value of the monetary reward. The maximum amount of such a win is about $ 100,000. But the chance for its falling out (albeit minimal) is possible only if there is a maximum bet in the process of launching the game round. Very lucky player who can break such a solid jackpot with one shot.

Thus, it can be concluded that the slot game with an idea in the form of an ark became an original and at the same time the right decision, since the number of players playing this slot every day is growing rapidly. In addition, this model is available for use on gaming devices of any type. And without any restrictions and paid access.

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