High Limit Slots

Gamblers are often categorized on the basis of their risk appetite. There are those who enjoy gambling for gambling sake; these are the people who simply enjoy gambling and do not wager large amounts of money. Then there are those who have a more adventurous approach to gambling; these are the people that can wager large amounts of money in the hope that they can strike it big. High limit slots are the games that cater to the more adventurous gambler. There are two main categories of high limit slots. These are:

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  1. High Roller Slots: High roller slots can take larger wagers and cater for the gambler that has no problem with staking huge amounts on slots. The definition of a high roller is dependent on the person. For some people, staking £5 on a single spin on a slot machine is expensive while others may have no problems staking as much as £10. For the purpose of this guide, stakes that allow wagers up to £5 will be considered high roller slots since a person can make up to 300 spins per hour, which would translate to a total wager (without considering any winnings) of £1,500 per hour.
  2. High Stakes Slots: These are slots that are not necessarily costly to play but offer very large jackpots. They generally have lower chances of winning, in comparison to other slots, but when you win, you win big. They are usually progressive slots that have an increasing jackpot.

High stakes gambling is generally adopting a larger risk appetite when playing slots, this can either be through playing high roller slots or high stakes slots.

High Limit Slot Wins

So, which slots would appeal to high stake gamblers? The best indicator of high limit slots is the maximum and minimum deposit limits offered by slot-sites. Generally, the higher the minimum and maximum deposits are, the higher the chances of the casinos offering games that appeal to high stake gamblers.

For the purpose of this review, we shall consider slot sites with a €/£/$50 minimum deposit limit and a maximum deposit limit that either equals or exceeds €/£/$5000. Sites that have an unlimited maximum deposit limit will also be included. Here are the casinos that offer high limit slots.

CasinoMinimum DepositMaximum Deposit
1Super Lenny20
2All British Casino20
10William Hill10
1132 Red10

Jackpots 2018

Which games offer the highest jackpots? The following list shows the most popular slot sites that offer jackpots exceeding £/€500,000

Casinos With SlotsJackpot
All British Casino€5, 158, 752
Mansion€49, 728, 315
Bet Victor€13, 000, 000
Casino Luck€73, 518, 070
Royal Panda€16,029, 182
Casino Euro€1,002,137
All Irish€5,926,664
Super Casino€1,541,284
Party Casino€1,380,763
William Hill€532,711
888 Casino€1,016,318

Top 10 Highest Winnings

These are the top ten highest winnings from online slots

  1. 17th June 2016 – Rawiri Pou – New Zealand – $7.41 Million. Rawiri Pou won $7.41 Million when playing the Mega Moolah slot machine from the Casinoland slot site. This was the first jackpot win that Casinoland had ever registered.
  2. 8th April 2016 – Anonymous – Australia – $7.86 Million. The ninth highest slot win was won by an Australian player, who chose to remain anonymous. S/He won $7.86 million when playing the Dark Night slot machine at the Spin Palace online casino.
  3. March 2009 – Georgios M – Greece – $8.6 Million. The eighth highest slot win was won by the Greek player Georgios M, who won $8.6 Million while playing the Mega Moolah at River Belle Online Casino.
  4. November 2012 – Anonymous woman – Sweden – €7.6 Million. A Swedish woman who chose to remain anonymous won 7.6 million euros playing the Hall of Gods at Unibet’s online casino. This was Unibet’s biggest win at the time.
  5. 18th April 2015 – Anonymous – Location Unknown – $8.73 Million. The sixth highest slot win in history was won by a player who chose to remain completely anonymous, his/her nationality was never revealed. The lucky player won 8.73 million dollars playing the Hall of Gods NetEnt online casino.
  6. 28th August 2016 – Anonymous (initials D.P.) – Location Unknown – $8.82 Million. The fifth highest slot win in history was won by an anonymous player who went by the initials D.P. The win was significant as it still stands as the highest slot win from a gamer using a mobile device. The player was playing Mega Moolah at Zodiac Casino on his/her iPad.
  7. 28th November 2015 – Alexander – Sweden – €8.57 Million. The fourth highest slot win in history was won by the Swedish player, Alexander. He won 8.75 million euros playing Mega Fortune at the Folkeautomaten online casino.
  8. 24 September 2011 – Anonymous male – Norway – €11.7 Million. A Norwegian man who chose to remain anonymous won 11.7 million euros playing Mega fortune at the Bettson online casino. This win was the largest at the time and earned the anonymous player an entry to the Guinness book of world records.
  9. 6th October 2015 – Jonathon Heywood – United Kingdom – €13.2 Million. A British man, Jonathan Heywood, won 13.2 million euros playing the Mega Moolah at Betway online casino.
  10. January 20th 2018 – Anonymous – Finland – €17.9 Million. A Finnish man, who chose to remain anonymous, won 17.9 million euros playing Mega Fortune at the PAF online casino. This is the highest online slot win at the moment.

The table below summarizes the top slot wins by slot machines.

Slot GameWinnings
Mega Moolah$7.41 Million
Dark Knight$7.86 Million
Mega Moolah$8.6 Million
Hall of Gods€7.6 Million
Hall of Gods$8.73 Million
Mega Moolah$8.82 Million
Mega Fortune€8.75 Million
Mega Fortune€11.7 Million
Mega Moolah€13.2 Million
Mega Fortune€17.9 Million

The top five slots are occupied by two slot machines; Mega Fortune and Mega Moolah, which are obviously the highest paying slot machines available online.

High Roller Slot Machines Options

There are many options available to the online gambler seeking big wins, in terms of the denominations that you can play. There are penny slots (one cent per spin); nickel slots (5 cents per spin) quarter slots (25 cents per spin) dollar slots (one dollar per spin) and five dollar slots. One does not need to wager a lot of money in order to win big in online casinos.

Winning at a slot machine is wholly dependent on luck; there are no sure bet tips on how to guarantee a win. However, there are some strategies that could be used to increase your likelihood of scoring big while wagering low. When playing with low denomination slot machines, here are some tips that could increase your chances of winning big from low denomination wagers.

  1. Look for progressive slots. Progressive slots are those slot machines that are offered by multiple casinos and run on a network. They do not have a fixed jackpot as the jackpot increases every time someone plays. With online slots being available all over the world, the value of progressive jackpots can be impressively high if the slot machine has not paid out the jackpot in a long time. While the chances of winning a progressive jackpot may be lower than most higher denomination fixed prize slots, when you win, you win big.
  2. Choose a machine that has multiple pay lines. The number of ways through which you can win from a slot machine is referred to as the pay line. While the slots that offer the highest jackpots invariably attract the most attention, sometimes you can increase your likelihood of walking away with something if you choose a slot machine that may have a lower grand jackpot but offers multiple pay lines. You may not walk away with tens of millions, but with some luck on your side, you could win hundreds of dollars by wagering pennies. Multiple paylines increase the probability of you making a profit from a gambling session.
  3. Bonuses! Bonuses such as free spins, bonus games, and bonus rounds are attributes that you should seek out when playing low denomination slots. They increase the chances of you winning something from the game.
  4. Have pre-set limits. Bet within your means. Low denomination slots may seem to be cheap but a few hundred spins down the line you could end up losing a lot of cash. Always have a limit that you stick to. If you don’t win, cut your losses, it just wasn’t your day. You could be luckier next time.

Payouts and Withdrawals

Online slot sites are usually ahead of the curve in terms of allowing multiple payment and withdrawal methods. Always look out for companies that support your preferred payment method and do not use a platform that you are not comfortable with.

Similarly, different slot sites have different requirements and waiting periods for paying out your winnings. Always review the terms of withdrawal in terms of the payment services that they support and the wait times for withdrawals. Withdrawal fees should also be researched before doing business with any online casino.

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