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Walk up into any land-based casino and ask three different people on their understanding about casino payouts – You are going to get three totally different answers. It’s quite understandable because for a very long time, the phrase ‘Casino Payouts’ has been equally as confusing as the words there/their/they’re, especially for those who weren’t keen enough on your English classes.

Similarly, if you’ve been eavesdropping on different discussions regarding casino payouts, then the content on this page isn’t going to be difficult to understand. We are going to explore different aspects concerning online casino payout ratios, table ratios for different games and withdrawals. All this information is aimed at helping you understand the complexity of the RTP.

What Is the Casino Payout?

Casino payout is also known as the return to player percentage. It is the amount of cash that you should expect the slot or any other game for this case to pay out over a given period of time. For instance, if a game has an RTP of 95%, then someone wagering €10 should expect to receive almost €9.5 in return.

The RTP has always been designed to work overtime in concurrence with the game’s house edge, so it would be unwise for you to always expect a 95% payout every single time you play your favourite casino game.

In other words, the casino payout is just the other side of a coin, but the house has the advantage. If a slot game has a 20% house advantage, then the expected RTP is 80%.

Where Do You Find the RTP Information

Online casino websites normally have far much better RTP than their land-based counterparts, with most of their slots offering RTPs as high as 97%. This is because most of the games offered online have far fewer overheads, in terms of paying the staff wages and rent than their land-based equivalents.

If you are playing at a land-based casino, you can find the RTP at the front side of the machine, while the online platforms normally have all the information published in the ‘games information’ sector.

For all the sceptical bettors out there, you don’t need any reason to doubt the figures published by the site. As long as it holds a valid license from a top licensing body, you can be assured that the information has been independently audited and verified to be accurate. In fact, a casino not sticking to the published RTP figures can lead to a public relation disaster for them as well as the software developer powering the game!

Anything to Consider As Far As RTP Is Concerned?

Unluckily, even while the online casinos offer us some of the best RTPs, the figure is normally calculated over a long period of time. This is bad news for you as a player because it means that playing the game in short sessions will not allow the casino to fully pay out as per the RTP stipulated.

Well established casinos such as 888, 32 Red and William Hill normally use hundreds of thousands of spins to calculate the game’s RTP, so how much you win and how well a game will respond will all come down to luck and chance. You should only use the casino payout value as a useful guide instead of a dead certain way to predict how much money you’ll be expecting at the end of your spin.

Generally speaking, finding the exact value or a game’s RTP is a long shot, but it’s normally worth it, so it’s always good to bear this in mind as you browse the games offered online.

Which Games Offer the Best Payouts?

Right from the moment you enter a land-based or an online casino, you should already have a game plan. No, I’m not talking about the freebies that the land-based casinos have to offer (in terms of drinks) or free bonuses for the case of online casinos. I’m talking about figuring out the secret assortment of games being offered.

You see, not all the games offered online have been developed equally. As already seen, there are some that have a better house edge, while others give you a better chance of winning. We are going to look at the best payout slots as well as other games that have very lucrative payouts.

Free & Real Money Slots

Video slots are the most popular games online. They account for almost 70% of all games offered on the Internet and therefore have a very big variance. There are more than 1000 companies that develop these games, but we only get to play slots from a handful of these developers because only a few selected have proven themselves.

  1. NetEnt – Their games offer an average RTP, which range between 92 to 97%. What they are best known for, however, are mobile friendly slots;
  2. Microgaming – They are considered to be the main competitors for NetEnt, and their slots have a not so high RTP. Figures range between 92 and 95%;
  3. Novomatic – They are best known as ‘high variance’ slot developers with payouts that range between 90 and 95%. Winning these games is quite difficult, but when you do win, the amount is usually lucrative;
  • Blackjack. If you are a regular player, you’ll know that a game that lets you determine your density offers very lucrative odds. This is perhaps the reason why Blackjack is an immensely popular game online both at the online and brick and mortar casinos.
  • Video Poker. Just as with Blackjack, which lets you be the judge of your destiny, video poker also invites you to drop any or all of your cards if you aren’t happy with the value of your hand. It’s also a game that has a very high RTP and thus better chances of winning.
  • European Roulette. For those who aren’t familiar with casino games, European roulette is the version that only has one zero. The other version is the American roulette which has two zeroes. The two zeroes usually come with an extra house edge and thus reduce your chances of winning while playing the American version. However, the odds that the American roulette has to offer are much better than in the European roulette.
  • The Bottom Line on Casino Payouts. Just like anything in life, variety is everything. This is why it’s very important that you mix things up if you are actually looking for juicier and better casino payouts. Of course, if you come across a game promising to offer you better payouts than others, then you are advised to stick with it.

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